5 Apps to Keep You Entertained on a Plane Even When You Don’t Have Wi-Fi

Getting ready for a long flight? Many planes have an array of entertainment options available, including in-flight movies, games, and music. However, what happens if you’ve seen all the movies? Or worse, your flight doesn’t have a personal screen? Luckily, you can have all the entertainment you need in the palm of your hand. While internet will be hard to come by, there are many apps you can use with your phone in airplane mode to keep you sane. Here is a list of the five apps you should download to keep you entertained on those long flights. No Wi-Fi needed.


Apps to Keep You Entertained




Supplier of the binge-inducing T.V and original programming, Netflix is still the king when it comes to streaming content. And just like watching Netflix at home, it’s a perfect way to kill an entire flight in one sitting.


Although Netflix provides an offline mode to save movies that you can watch without an internet connection, the company recently announced a plan to provide more airlines with mobile streaming technology that will reduce the required bandwidth needed to stream videos on a portable device. Netflix believes its technology can reduce bandwidth by as much as 75%, and the company is hoping airlines will begin offering Wi-Fi entertainment for free, allowing passengers to stream the service on mobiles and laptops.


Bring on the free in-flight Wi-Fi and HD streaming! Netflix is changing the game when it comes to in-flight entertainment. Now you can finally watch the movies before you see the stunning film locations on your next trip!




Long flights are an excellent opportunity to catch up all the latest music you’ve missed. So, it makes sense that Spotify should be your first choice. With millions of songs to choose from, readymade playlists and a rotating Top 50 chart, Spotify will satisfy your earbuds during your next long flight. Bieber, Gaga and LCD Sound System are a click away. Just remember to save your favorite albums offline, in case there’s no Wi-Fi available to use on your flight.


If new music isn’t your thing, why not dig into the classics? Spotify has entire discographies for the Rolling Stones, Bob Dylan, the Grateful Dead and the Beatles. There’s no better way to prepare for your trip to the new Beatles LOVE show in Las Vegas than a walk down Penny Lane.




If you’re dreaming of the bright lights of Vegas, here’s your chance to have the full casino experience at your fingertips. With CasinoEuro, you can enjoy the thrill of winning massive jackpots mid-flight. This app boasts a large assortment of free casino games for both casual and experienced players. Not only can you choose from slot machines, blackjack, and poker, but a full roulette table experience awaits on the CasinoEuro app.


The best thing about roulette game is that you can win real money while you’re traveling. Over 30 jackpots have been paid out since the app launched five years ago, making it a thrilling opportunity to win big while on the go. Place your bets and turn your next flight into a high-stakes casino adventure.




It may be hard to believe, but book sales (both print and digital formats) are experiencing a decline, with audiobooks being the fastest growing publishing segment. In fact, the global audiobook industry is estimated to be worth £2.7 billion pounds. And as almost any road-tripper can attest to, there’s nothing quite like losing yourself in the narrative of a good audiobook or podcast.


Long flights are an excellent time to settle into your seat with a glass of wine, snuggle up with a warm blanket, and turn on a soothing audiobook. Learn French as you fly to Paris, or revisit classics like Game of Thrones and Harry Potter without hauling giant novels around in your luggage. Audible includes offline listening, and a membership comes with one free book per month.


If podcasts are more your thing, Audible is a great place to collect and store your podcasts for moments when Wi-Fi isn’t available. Listen to popular shows like Radiolab and S-Town, or partake in the ongoing 65-year old drama of The Archers.


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Do you prefer to read a book rather than listen? Download a couple of enticing page-turners instead. Whether you’re a fan of thrillers, sci-fi, fantasy or fiction, Kindle has a vast assortment of books to choose from. The Kindle app automatically syncs your eBooks, PDFs, and documents into one app, and it doesn’t require an actual Amazon Kindle device to function, either. Simply download the free app and begin building your digital library.


Many books can be downloaded for free if they’re in the public domain. Classics such as Gulliver’s Travels, The Time Machine and The War of the Worlds are free and compatible with the Kindle app. However, if you want to read the latest releases, you can find nearly everything available to purchase on the Kindle store.


Stave off boredom and come prepared


There’s nothing worse than staring mindlessly at the seat in front of you, twiddling your thumbs as you watch your plane creep slowly across the world map.


Instead, drift into an online casino, watch re-runs of The Office or learn a new skill with an audiobook. The hardest part will be having to get off the plane while you’re deep in a game of poker! Download these top 5 apps to keep you entertained, and you’ll arrive at your destination in no time.

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