A Weekend Travel Guide to a Few Original Spider-Man Film Locations in New York City

New York City is a great place for geeks. It’s where you’ll find iconic stores like Nintendo New York, Apple and of course, Marvel HQ. It has also been an iconic film location for multiple blockbusters including the Spider-Man franchise. That’s why we’ve put together a few Spider-Man film locations for you to check out on your next trip to NYC. With the highly-anticipated Spider-Man: Homecoming being released on the 7th of July in the US, we’re back in the comic book zone! The web-slinging hero famously hails from Queens, New York and, all previous films have been set in the Big Apple. In this post, I’ll bring you to the first Spidey movie that started it all, Sam Raimi’s Spider-Man from 2002.


Even though the movie is set in New York, the studios where most of the movie was shot are in Los Angeles. However, there are a few iconic scenes and exterior shots that were actually filmed in New York, most of them in Manhattan. I will give you some hints and tips for a trip to NY and suggest a few places in the Big Apple a Spider-Man fan should visit on a weekend including a few Spider-Man film locations – my Spidey-Sense tells me that you’ll enjoy yourself!


Spider Man film locations


How to get to NY


Getting from where you are to New York will probably involve at least one flight. For a start to your trip worthy of a superhero, I would suggest booking your airport carpark in advance, along with your flight tickets and accommodation. Price comparison portals like Looking4Parking US can show you all available deals on airport parking for your travel dates.


The airports you can fly to are JFK (25km from Grand Central Station), LaGuardia (13km), Republic (60km) or the New Jersey airports, Newark Liberty (26.5km) and Teterboro (21km). There are a few more choices of local airports, but these five should be the most convenient.To get around the city you will probably use the subway, taxis and your own two feet. If you don’t have a tight schedule and you limit your sightseeing to Manhattan, you can get by quite well with walking. However, if you want to see a lot in a short time and travel from place to place all over New York, you might be better off with a pay-per-ride New York Metro Card ($2.50 per ride vs $2.75 without a Metro Card).


To get around the city you will probably use the subway, taxis and your own two feet. If you don’t have a tight schedule and you limit your sightseeing to Manhattan, you can get by quite well with walking. However, if you want to see a lot in a short time and travel from place to place all over New York, you might be better off with a pay-per-ride New York Metro Card ($2.50 per ride vs $2.75 without a Metro Card).


Taxis are also a common means of transport in the Big Apple. If you are taking a taxi from the airport to Central Manhattan, it will cost you around $55 for just over half an hour on the road. They are very convenient for traveling through the city at night, too, as the roads clear up and they can quickly get you from A to B.


Spider-Man Film Locations in New York City


Norman Osborn’s Apartment – Tudor City


The exterior of the Osborns’ grand apartment was filmed in Tudor City, a block of residential skyscrapers with architecture inspired by the style of the British Tudor dynasty. For a panoramic view of the apartment complex get to the top of the Empire State Building.


Address: Tudor City, East 40th Street, 10016 NY


What’s close by: The Chrysler Building and Grand Central Station


Insider tip: The Grand Central Market in Grand Central Station is a hidden local gem with a wide variety of stalls – cheese, fish, food-to-go, gifts, plants and much more. This might be a good place to pick up some souvenirs to take home.


With Great Power Comes Great Responsibility – New York Public Library


Shortly before Peter’s uncle, Ben is shot while waiting for his nephew to return from “the library” (or a wrestling match…), he drops the most important line in Spider-Man’s superhero career: “With great power comes great responsibility.” He utters these words right outside the New York Public Library.


Address: New York Public Library Main Branch, 476 5th Avenue, NY 10018


What’s close by: Times Square, Broadway and Madam Tussaud’s New York


Insider tip: The New York Public Library offers free tours for those interested in the history of the building. There are also different exhibitions on display, amongst others “The Adventures of the REAL Winnie-the-Pooh”.


The Daily Bugle Office – The Flatiron Building


The Daily Bugle, J. J. Jameson’s newspaper headquarters, is the well-known Flatiron Building in Manhattan, which is also used as an office building in real life.


spider-man film locations


Address: Flatiron Building (Fuller Building), 175 5th Avenue. NY 10010


What’s close by: Empire State Building


Insider tip: For a great night view on the Empire State Building head to 230 Fifth Rooftop Bar for some evening drinks and fantastic views.


Saving Mary Jane – Rockefeller Rooftop Gardens


After the Green Goblin gate-crashes the parade at Times Square, Spider-Man swings to safety with Mary Jane and they land on one of the Rockefeller Rooftop Gardens. The Gardens are usually closed to the public, but you can spot them from the observation deck Top of the Rock.


Address: Rockefeller Plaza, NY 10111


What’s close by: Rockefeller Center, The Museum of Modern Art and South Central Park


Insider tip: If heights like the top of the Rockefeller Center aren’t for you, you can go for a tour of the famous NBC Studios located in the Center. If you are lucky, you can snatch up some tickets to see the recording of shows like Saturday Night Live, America’s Got Talent or The Voice. For some of the shows, stand-by tickets are distributed on the same morning, whereas for others you have to apply in advance.


Genetics Lab – The Low Memorial Library


One of the exterior shots that comes up early in the film is set outside the Low Memorial Library; this is the exterior of the genetics lab where Peter Parker is bitten by the radioactive spider. The Library is located on the Columbia University campus.


Address: 213 Low Library, 2960 Broadway, NY 10027 (Columbia University, Morningside Heights Campus)


What’s close by: Northern Central Park


Insider tip: Just a few minutes’ walk away is the Riverside Park, which stretches along the Eastern bank of the Hudson, from Harlem right into Manhattan. Perfect for a break from the city and quieter than Central Park.


The Green Goblin’s Choice – The Queensboro Bridge


At the climax of the first film, the Green Goblin gives Peter an impossible choice – save the girl or a tram full of children. This scene takes place alongside the Queensboro Bridge and the cable car used is the Roosevelt Island Tramway going to Roosevelt Island in the Hudson River.


spider-man film locations


Address: Roosevelt Island Tramway, East 59th St and 2nd Avenue, NY 10022


What’s close by: Roosevelt Island


Insider tip: Take the tramway onto Roosevelt Island for a different view of New York and some impressive skyline shots. If you are looking for food, Pier NYC can be a good place to unwind and – weather permitting – you can even sit outside and take in the views.


Touring New York to see the best Spider-Man film locations will not only bring fond superhero memories back to you, but it can also be a good start to a sightseeing tour of the Big Apple. So, keep an eye out – New York is a big city in the superhero world, who knows who else you could bump into?

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