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Chihuly Garden, and Glass

Places Near Seattle that Look Like they are from a Fairytale

Seattle, also known as the Emerald City, is a wonderful town with a vibrant history and a thriving economy. It’s surrounded by clear running waters, mighty mountains and lush green forests. If you are living in Seattle or just visiting, you should know that the Seattle area is home to many beautiful places that looks like a fairy’s hometown.

Feature photo Tim Ryan CCL Flickr

Here is a list of several amazing places in and around Seattle that come straight out of a fairytale:


Seattle, Chihuly Garden and Glass
Chihuly Garden and Glass
Photo Mickey JT CCL Flickr

1. Chihuly Garden and Glass


One of the mesmerizing places in Seattle is the Chihuly Garden and Glass. It looks too good to be true. This garden is at a walking distance from the Space Needle which is an important landmark of this place. You can take a walk around the beautiful lush green gardens with vibrantly colored flowers. You can also witness the amazing glass work that enhances the beauty of the garden.


The skillful artists have displayed amazingly elegant and marvelous artistic designs that help add to the splendor of the place reminding you of Cinderella’s glass shoes. This is definitely a fairytale spot you would want to visit.


Strawberry Point, Olympic National Park, Seattle
Strawberry Point
Photo Stephen Bentsen CCL Flickr

2. Strawberry Bay Falls (Strawberry Point), Olympic National Park


The Third Beach is a heavenly beach itself, but if you want to experience the greatness of nature at its best, go towards its south end, where you will find Strawberry Bay and the horsetail waterfall by same name. Actually, the Olympic National Park is dotted with such beautiful places that seem just out of a fairy tale. Touring it is one of the best ideas of weekend getaways and day trips from Seattle.


Washington Arboretum Park, seattle
Washington Arboretum Park
Photo Diana K CCL Flickr

3. Washington Arboretum Park


It is a vast park covering an area of 23 acres that houses more than 5500 species of plants from around the world. It is a joint venture of the University of Washington and the Seattle Department of Parks and Recreation. You can walk around the amazing park looking through the various sections. One of the most beautiful places to visit is the Japanese garden which features a copper-shingled tea house.


It is definitely a perfect fusion of nature and unique human endeavors. The various parts remind you of a garden of dreams and you feel like a character of a fairytale story that you might have read or heard in your childhood.


You can spend an amazing summer morning or a cold evening in the park with your family or friends to enjoy the best moments of your life. The natural and scenic beauties of the park help ease your mood and helps you feel peaceful and calm forgetting the tensions of your otherwise hectic life. Thus, you can enjoy your day to the fullest in a land of dreams and a seeming fantasy land looking at the amazing plants that you might not have seen anywhere else.

Kerry Park, Seattle skyline, night, moon
Kerry Park
Photo Howard Ignatius CCL FLickr

4. Kerry Park

This scenic park which is rich in natural beauty has an added benefit that it provides a view of the entire city. Kerry Park is a lush green area that helps you feel the warmth of Mother Nature and feel refreshed. You can enjoy the fresh and breezy ambiance of the park which makes you forget the hardships and stress that you might be experiencing all the year around. It helps you feel as if you are taking a walk in a fairytale that you have watched as a child. So, just think of yourself as red riding hood taking goodies to her grandmother or Alice in Wonderland and enjoy your trip to this park. You can also enjoy viewing the amazing steel sculpture called Changing Forms that reminds you of the Happy Prince.

Lake Union, Seattle, houseboat
Lake Union
Photo chrisphoto CCL Flickr

5. Lake Union

Seattle, as mentioned earlier, is a town that is sandwiched between waters so you can witness the wondrous waves flowing beside you at the Lake Union. You can also sail the freshwaters while having a beautiful view of the city.


The view at the night looks amazing with all major monuments lit up providing a dreamlike scene. You can also go for a swim to enjoy the watery wonderland and beat the heat in summers. It is the house boats that you definitely need to watch and ride here to make your experience worthwhile.


Even if not from a fairytale these houseboats are inspired by the boats Tom Hanks character occupied in Sleepless in Seattle. So it is definitely an experience that will make your dreams come true. Thus, you need to take a trip to this town and enjoy all the amazing fairytale like places to enjoy your life to the fullest. The best things about dreams are that they are far from reality yet can come true.

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