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As someone who blogs about TV and film, you know how much I enjoy watching a good movie or show. Even though I love seeing something on the big screen, movie theater prices add up quickly and sometimes I’d just rather stay home and do the ‘Netflix and chill’ thing. I recently got to try out the new ZTE SPRO 2 Wireless Smart DLP Projector and let’s just say my home theater viewing experience will never be the same again.


UPDATE: As of June 6th, 2016 I can officially say that this has been the best entertainment experience of my life. I have been using the<arel=”nofollow” href=”http://amzn.to/2sdGLsV”> ZTE SPRO 2 Wireless Smart DLP Projector in my bedroom for EVERYTHING! Netflix, Hulu, playing the WiiU (which is EPIC)! I love this little glorious machine so much. It’s in my top 5 favorite things I own.


ZTE SPRO 2 Wireless Projector – Details and Specs

The ZTE SPRO 2 is a wireless smart projector that features a built-in 5-inch Android touchscreen. Through USB or HDMI connections, micro SD cards, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth or Google Play apps, you can access and project virtually any content, anywhere. You can steam movies, listen to music, or even do some mobile gaming.


Also, since it comes with a built-in battery, there are no power cords and it’s easy to move the projector anywhere you want. Whether you’re using it in the conference room at work, while watching TV at home, or even if you want to project a movie outside, drive-thru theater style, the ZTE SPRO 2 has you covered.

Key Product Features:
– 200 lumens brightness with auto focus and auto keystone correction
– Projects up to 120 inches with 720p HD resolution
– 6300 mAh internal battery powers 2.5 hours of projection time or up to 16 hours of connectivity
– Connections for HDMI/USB ports, 64GB Micro SD car, Bluetooth and includes 16GB of internal storage
– Android 4.4.4 OS with access to the Google Play Store
– A compact frame with premium casings measure 5.3” x 5.2” x 1.2” and weighs 19.4 oz.


ZTE Spro 2 Wireless Projector Review


This couldn’t have come at a more perfect time while I was just about to purchase a new TV. When I found out I was getting the ZTE Spro 2 Wireless Projector I was skeptical at first. I thought it wouldn’t come close to a TV and that it would just be a source of mobile viewing for the family.


I was clearly wrong.


Not only was the quality amazing, but I now have the power of all my favorite apps at my fingertips, anywhere. For me, this is entertainment at its best. Nothing is more convenient than being wire-free and ready to binge watch my favorite shows.


I can bring this puppy outside, poolside, to the driveway or even to a friend’s house. This is my new favorite toy.

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