60 Geek Gifts for Dad – Father’s Day Gift Ideas

It is a great time to be a geek! There are so many cool gadgets and fandoms things out there right now. If you can’t nail it in the gift department, it’s you not them. I know, some people are super hard to shop for, especially if they are into things that you’re not. That’s why I made this cheat sheet for anyone who has a geeky dad in their life. This list is all affiliate links of course (at no cost to you) and most of them lead to Amazon. And, if you can’t find what you’re looking for here, you’ll surely find it in their Father’s Day Gadgets or Father’s Day Geeky.


Father’s Day is Sunday, June 18th! In most cases, shipping takes about a week!


Geek gifts for dad

Father’s Day Gift Guide


Star Wars Gifts for Dad

He’ll love this Millenium Falcon bottle opener!

Jedi shower robe

Foodie Gifts for Dad


This Star Wars Carbonite mini fridge will keep plenty of beer cold for dad.

Dads need oven mitts too! This one just happens to be a stormtrooper silicone heat resistant one!

Foodie Gifts for Dad


Dad will be a BBQ Master with these lightsaber tongs.

Darth Vader Apron

Star Wars light saber spatula

#1 Dad!

LightsaLED Laser Sword Light up Golf Umbrella with 7 Color Changing On the Shaft / Built in Torch at Bottom

Stormtroopers tie for the win!

Tech Gifts for Dad

The Sphero BB-8 is the droid your dad is looking for.

Wearable Gifts for Dad



Dad can become a Jedi with proper training and this beautiful leather Jedi Nixon watch.

Nintendo Gifts for Dad

Get him a COOL wallet if you’re gonna get him a wallet

Probably one of the coolest cufflinks I’ve ever seen

For the dad who likes to lounge…in geek fashion of course.

Also the coolest cufflinks ever!

If your dad is a Nintendo fan the classic gaming console is a must!

ZELDA FAN ALERT! If dad loves Zelda, this wallet must be his!

Dad will love this cozy Zelda T

For the Marvel Fan Dad

Wearable Gifts for Dad


Dad will be ready to save the world in this Captain America varsity jacket.

Leather Marvel wallet for dad

Thor cufflinks! These are super epic!

And if dad is an Iron Man fan, these cufflinks will make him smile.

Dad will love this Captain America bookbag if he’s a fan!

Can’t go wrong with a Marvel laptop case!

Iron Man bookbag for the win!

For the Justice League Fan Dad

New iPad case for the Batman in dad

Dad will love this Batman bookbag!

Keep dad looking sharp with this Batman laptop case!

Any dad who is a fan of Superman will love this knife. Period.

Stainless steel Superman ring.


Wearable Gifts for Dad

Superman? More like Superdad in this awesome tie.

For the Gadget Dad


Tech Gifts for Dad

Dad can jam out wherever he goes with this sleek Bose bluetooth speaker.

Zap the bacteria from Dad’s phone with this cool device, PhoneSoap

Dad can be the king of his castle when he’s away with this Zmodo Pivot HD wireless 360 Security Camera

For the retro dad, this Knight Rider Kitt USB car charger!

Tech Gifts for Dad

Dad’s love toys and this Quadcopter with an HD camera & return home function would get any dad excited.

Tech Gifts for Dad

For the dad that doesn’t love traditional art, give him some technology art instead with the HypnoCube.

Outdoor Gifts for Dad

Dad will feel super skilled like Dexter with this beginner’s lock pick set.

Outdoor Gifts for Dad

Dad can charge all of his gadgets using the sun and this portable solar panel charger.

Outdoor Gifts for Dad

A robotic lawn mower – need I say more?

Outdoor Gifts for Dad

Wearable Leatherman tool bracelet – doesn’t make being handy any easier than that.

Outdoor Gifts for Dad

If dad spends a lot of time in the water, this flotation wristband is perfect. It will inflate and help the wearer stay afloat if they get tired.

Outdoor Gifts for Dad

Riding in this clear kayak is almost like walking on water.

Outdoor Gifts for Dad

Dad can keep his phone safe in the water with this waterproof dry bag.

Outdoor Gifts for Dad

A Yeti cooler is like the creme de la creme of coolers – dad would definitely love this.

Wearable Gifts for Dad


Wearable Gifts for Dad

Dad will be ready to grill in this tactical chef apron.

Wearable Gifts for Dad

Watch dad do the robot in these awesome, sound-making robot slippers.

Wearable Gifts for Dad

This arcade watch is about as unique and cool as it gets.

Foodie Gifts for Dad


Foodie Gifts for Dad

No need to buy dad beer when he can make his own with the Mr. Beer beer kit.

Foodie Gifts for Dad

Dad can make his own intoxicating chemistry cocktail creations with these shot glasses.

Foodie Gifts for Dad

Dad’s beer will never stay colder than when in the Miir insulated growler.

This wine glass for the dad who loves his grapes!

Foodie Gifts for Dad

Dad can cook a feast fit for Westeros with the Game of Thrones cookbook.

Foodie Gifts for Dad

Even if dad can open his beer using a table, why not get him a magnetic bottle opener to use instead.

Your engineer dad will love this mug!

The Rest of the Stuff for Dad

When food is the way to his heart.

Say anything with this customizable grilling tool.

Rx sunglasses for the win! Because clip ons are a huge no.

Love this poster and Dad will too!

Dad might have everything, but does he have Geek Magnets?

Custom Tobacco for dad!

Dad is sure to love anything on this list. Whether he geeks out over cool technology, Star Wars, or making new food creations, our geek gifts for dads Father’s Day gift guide has you covered. Wishing all of you dads an awesome Father’s Day!

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