Tassel Power Portable Charger Review – No More Dead Phones

For all the times that you find yourself with a dead phone but no phone cable as the red battery icon of death taunts us, Tassel Power Portable Charger is there to save the day! Tassel Power is an adorably fashionable and functional tassel with a phone cable hidden inside that keeps your phone going.

power tassel review, portable charger, tassel

Tassel Power Portable Charger Review

The Power Tassel Portable Charger is the modern-day girls best friend since we all know how precious batter power AND purse space can be. Ain’t no body got time for clunky chargers taking up what could be precious space. And a dead phone is the last thing you want to deal with at airports, dinner parties, or after your cat chews your charging cable.

power tassel review, portable charger, tassel


How it works is simple too! You just plug one end of the Tassel Power Portable Charger cable to your phone and the other end to a charging source such as a portable battery, wall outlet, laptop or even car adapter. Non Apple users get a bonus: If you are using the Micro USB cable, you can use this cable to charge Bluetooth speakers, Go Pros, and more.

For the girl who’s always on the go, a dead phone is the last thing that should hold you back which is exactly why we gave this tiny but mighty charger a go on one of our busiest mom-days. Think: emails, texts, lots of cute pictures for IG, and a long phone call with your best friend in California who just took a cross country road trip and you need updates.

With a choice of Apple Certified Lightning™ connector for iPhones or Micro USB connector that works with nearly all non-Apple phones you will be prepared for anything IG throws at you knowing that you always have a phone cable with you. Bonus? This charger never gets tangled!

We love this nifty little charger for a plethora of reasons and the main one being that its fashionable AND functional. When its not being used it hides in plain sight as an adorable tassel key chain that at the first site of power failure gives you that extra bit of juice to get you through the day. You can even attach the Tassel Power Portable Charger to your purse or key ring so you are sure to always have a battery back up with you.

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We have all been somewhere (for me, usually an airport) when you realize that your day is going to outlive your phone battery. And while it is like playing a game of Russian Roulette with outgoing texts, sometimes its best not to live on the edge of battery life.

The Tassel Power Portable Charger comes in classic colors like grey, midnight blue, red, taupe, and black that never go out of style. Audrey Hepburn and Lady Gaga could both have this guy in the purse. This little guy is also great for travel now that so many airlines come with outlets for electronics. Virgin America offers standard and USB outlets between each seat so you share with the person next to you but with such a cute charger, we don’t think they will mind!

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