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5 Simple Tips to Protect Your Data Privacy While Traveling

People usually worry about finding their accommodation or packing everything necessary when traveling.   But what most forget is that when going to another place, they’re automatically exposing themselves to digital security threats since there’s no data safety surrounding their devices anymore.   According to a survey, in 2022, 39%[…]

Types of Malware You Should Be Aware Of

We live a digital life, which has also increased the risk of being exposed to malicious software. However, knowing what you need to protect yourself against in everyday digital life can be difficult.   For example, most people don’t know what malware really is, or how they can protect themselves[…]

Smartphones and the Rise of Portable Gaming

Although smartphones were considered luxury items when they launched, they’re now accessible to every ‘Tom and Harry’.   Among many other functions, these devices host your favorite online and offline games – all available in one tap! The gaming industry in the smartphone market currently brings in over $86bn yearly.[…]

Nerd Out App Brings Logistics to Nerds

The all new Nerd Out App is an innovative way to bring nerds together. It’s easy to use allowing the user to open the location-based app and see exactly what nerdtastic events are happening and when. From cult movies to comic cons and every nerdy thing between, it’s the only[…]

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