A Short History of Arcade Slots Before Your Trip to Vegas

Since its inception in the late 1800s, the slot machine has grown to become a favorite pastime for the masses. We still love playing arcade slots today, only the one-armed bandit has traded places with the mobile phone leaving much opportunity to get warmed up before your trip to Vegas.


When you land in Vegas there are arcade slots as soon as you step off the plane. Tourists love to get warmed up the moment they touch ground. Now, with online games, they can get started before they even pack their bags! 


Online slot games are known for having great pay-outs and deals, for example, wink slots freespins, has a promotion where new players can claim free spins on the slot games without depositing any money.


Also, as these games are growing so popular, there is now an abundance of options for all players, old and new.


Despite its simplicity, there’s something unexplainably thrilling about watching the reel slowly spin, anxiously hoping for a winning sequence. It’s no wonder that these machines have not only stood the test of time but surged in popularity.


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Interesting Facts About Arcade Slots Like the Ones in Las Vegas


While many of us are familiar with arcade slots, let’s take a quick look at their long and interesting history.


In the Beginning


Constructed in 1891, the first recorded machine had five card-displaying reels that would show a random poker hand. A lever on the side initiated the mechanism, and a good hand could be exchanged for rewards at the bar.


Although very old fashioned, this lever was an essential part of all slot mechanisms and is what span the reels. As a result, the ‘one-armed bandit’ nickname was born.


This initial model was good, but Charley Fey is the undisputed pioneer of the modern machine. He adopted the classic three-reeled system often seen in Las Vegas today and added a mechanism that automatically dispensed winnings.


This new model became an almost instant hit, and quickly drew competitors’ attention. Imitation models began to quickly proliferate and machines were soon in bars and saloons all over the country.


With such high demand, it wasn’t long before these machines also began finding themselves popular abroad too.


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Developing Technology


Mechanical slot machines continued to be a staple of almost every casino in Las Vegas and many bars and pubs around the world. However, technological developments have revolutionized the way we play.


The slot machine received its first truly electronic variant in 1976, produced by the Fortune Coin Company in Las Vegas. Despite initial skepticism, and nostalgia developing around mechanical models, this new variation soon caught on.


In the 1980s, technology emerged that was able to link various machines across distances. Progressive jackpots became a possibility, with jackpot prizes increasing in general, and there was now serious money to be won.


Megabucks emerged as a leader in the progressive market and continues to operate today. In 2003, it earned the intact world record for the biggest progressive jackpot at an unbelievable $38 million.


Halfway through the 1990s, the first multiple-screen video slot machines were introduced. This second display provided a means through which lucky players could try a bonus game and potentially increase their winnings.


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The Emergence of the Internet


It was the advent of the internet that really helped to bring us the games that we love today.


The first online slot site was launched in 1998 and since then we haven’t been able to stop playing. Nowadays, there is an almost endless amount of choice when it comes to choosing the best site for you.


Nearly every game around has its own theme, with unique and captivating visuals and sounds. The best part is, these are sometimes based around some of our favorite TV shows, including the likes of Hell’s Kitchen.


Whilst some games stick to the traditional three-reel format, others use five-reel. However you play, current games offer more opportunities to win than ever before.


Modern games also provide chat rooms, so even at home, it’s a social and inclusive experience with friends.


With differing variance levels across games, some games payout often with small prizes, others infrequently but lucratively. Whether you’re a high roller or shrewd spender, there’s ample fun to be had.


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Contemporary Technologies


Now that most of us own a smartphone or tablet, these games can be accessed anywhere at any time. This means you can start playing before you even pack your bags for Las Vegas! It’s fun, and how cool would it be if you got lucky before you even arrived!


With more players than ever spinning away, the jackpots themselves have also never been bigger. The record for the biggest ever progressive jackpot won stands at a staggering $20 million!


There are few things that rival the vibrant atmosphere of a fancy casino in Las Vegas, but such innovations hope to replicate it.


Cashless machines are also becoming a new norm meaning that, even at casinos in Las Vegas, playing is becoming more convenient. In fact, they are so popular that they now account for an estimated 70% of total casino revenue! Whoa!


In Conclusion


Arcade slots are a classic all time favorite when you’re heading to Las Vegas and getting started before you even leave your house is the epitome of simple, easy fun. With so many fun and interesting ways to play, these games are here to stay and will only get better.

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