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Land-based casinos were the order of the day before online casinos became famous. Many players thought that they would only win games through cheating and collusion at the casinos or by engaging in superstitious actions, unlike today, where they win games through strategies and skills. With these beliefs come some of the most mysterious stories about casinos.


There are many stories about mysteries in the casinos, but there are those that stand out, especially those that seem to involve supernatural or inexplicable forces that help players win. We linked up with expert gamer Michelle Thomas (view profile), who shared with us the best casino stories about these mysterious happenings and now we’re sharing them with you.


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Most Mysterious Stories

Girl in a Vintage Dress and a Successful Game of Roulette


This mysterious story is one of the craziest gambling stories and it shares an eerie resemblance to some of the greatest spiritual and mystical films. It’s about a young man who went into a Los Angeles casino to have a routine good time with friends, but what happened was anything but routine.


Although he was tired, the young man knew that going to the casino would help him stay active and keep him alert. Evidently, he was more tired than he thought because he fell asleep the minute he settled in at the casino. Or maybe there was a supernatural reason he fell asleep.


He woke up suddenly with the unsettling feeling that someone was staring at him. Realizing he had fallen asleep in one of the casino corners, he surveyed the room nervously. True to his instincts, he found a beautiful lady in an old dress looking directly at him.


In shock, he watched as she broke the stare and walked straight to the roulette table. The table began to spin immediately. She stared at the gaming mechanism as intently as she had stared at him, until the wheel stopped. As soon as it did, the ghost of the stranger disappeared.


The man, who had watched in disbelief, was left agape. Now that she was gone, he felt he could move. In fact, he felt like he had to. He jumped up and approached the gaming table to find out what had happened. The only the he found at the abandoned table was the ball resting in one of the cells.


To date, no one knows what actually happened. Other gamers believe that the man only had a dream and that what he claims happened was not real. But to the man, he did not take anything for granted.


He remembered the number result from the vision of the strange woman. On his next visit to the casino, he walked to the same roulette table and made his bet using the numbers revealed to him by the spirit. And, as with any good Hollywood movie, he gained huge winnings that day. For him, this mysterious experience changed his life.


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The Winner Who Had No Money


It may sound weird to you that someone won an online casino prize without paying a single penny. However, it did happen. Katherine, a determined online casino gamer from Canada, was determined to play her favorite jackpot, not knowing that her life would change after.


She got a free spin at the casino just like any other player would get on some sites featured on the Canadian online casino list. She did not want it to go to waste, so she went ahead and played it. But unlike most free spins, this one was a winning spin. Taking advantage of that freebie landed her the 1,200 pound jackpot (over $1,600 dollars).


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Charlie’s Ghost and the Phone Bill


One of the amazing Las Vegas mysteries that has garnered respect from the majority of poker gamers to date is about a woman name Libby and her fiancé Charlie. Libby and Charlie loved spending time together and, in this particular story, Charlie helped her win a card game in a mystical way.


When Charlie had free time, he would go to Las Vegas to spend his money. Unfortunately, Charlie died leaving Libby to grieve for a long time. In time, as a way to remember Charlie, Libby decided to visit Las Vegas and find where her fiancé used to spend time.


While in The City That Never Sleeps, Libby started gambling, and that’s when her life took a twist. After she crossed the threshold of one of the casinos, she turned to the find the spirit of her fiancé with her. So she asked him to help her win.


It turns out that at the time she traveled to Las Vegas, she had just received a $2,000 phone bill. Luckily, the spirit of her late fiancé heard her and responded. In less than an hour of playing Poker, she won $2,200. The relief of getting the money she needed, excitement of winning, and the extraordinary circumstances under which it all happened made her share the story with her friend Vern.


Of course, Vern wanted to win too. So, Libby promised to ask the spirit of her fiancé to help again. True to their request, the spirit didn’t disappoint them and Vern won $23,000 the following evening. Some view this story as one of the unsolved mysteries of Las Vegas.


Above are some of the most mysterious stories involving casinos and gambling, but there are many more.


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