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Few would argue with the fact that Hollywood is home to some of the best flicks on the big screen. There are many film studios here that have produced hundreds of blockbusters over time, including many movies with scenes of Russia.


To make such exceptional works, Hollywood sometimes moves the shooting from the studio to remote sets. This is how they create memorable movie scenes. As implied, one location that has proven to be a favorite is Russia.


There are many movie scenes of Russia that were actually filmed on location. This might seem surprising if you consider the love and hate relationship between the US and Russia. But this is not a foreign policy review. We are interested in movies and, in this case, the ones with iconic scenes shot in Moscovia.




Famous Movie Scenes of Russia Shot on Location


While it might not come as a surprise, thanks to the likes of Bond, famous spy movie scenes have become synonymous with Russia. In many scenarios, it is the villain that is Russian, though that is not always the case.


Regardless, no action movie is ever complete without a few adrenaline-pumping chases. This is when you know that real consideration for the viewers’ enjoyment has taken precedence. 


Movie scenes of this nature are diverse, and being shot in real-life locations creates the right balance of fantasy and reality. CGI can only go so far in triggering a traveler’s imagination, but movie scenes that portray a location in just the right light awaken the traveling senses. 


Moscow, Russia



The Bourne Supremacy


The Bourne series first premiered in 2002. This is an adaptation of novels written by Robert Ludlum. Jason Bourne is played by Matt Damon. 


He is a CIA assassin who lost his memory after being shot on a mission. The films follow his journey as he tries to uncover who he is and where he came from. 


The Bourne movies are a favorite among many for a few reasons. One is that the movies follow a detailed storyline that is easy to understand. 


You need not concentrate too much to get the gist of the plot. That being said, the Bourne movies have nonstop action. You will always be on the edge of your seat. 


In the second installment of this series, The Bourne Supremacy, a Russian operative tries to assassinate Bourne. Where else would be better for this to be shot than in Russia? 


In true Bourne fashion, Supremacy features a high-speed car chase in the streets of Russia. This scene was so well done that it received industry awards. 


St. Petersburg, Russia

St. Petersburg




The Bond series needs no introduction. If you are a sucker for all things Hollywood like us, then you have no doubt come across a Bond movie or 24.


The 007 series started in 1962 with Dr. No. it has dozens of thrilling episodes to date, and it looks set to go on. As with its predecessors, the 1995 GoldenEye flick follows the exploits of this eccentric British agent who has a knack for fighting crime and is sleek with the ladies. 


The Bond movies allow you to take a peek into the world of clandestine operations and state-of-the-art crime-fighting gizmos. Hence the large number of people who at some point in time thought of becoming a secret service agent themselves.


It is not surprising that Russia featured in the 007 flicks. One of the movie scenes of Russia from GoldenEye was shot on location there


St. Petersburg is the venue of this memorable scene in which Bond ravages the streets in a stolen truck while pursuing a bad guy. 


If you can’t remember anything else about this movie, you probably recall the casino scene. James Bond arrives in a slick, silver sports car at an exclusive casino. 


He quickly heads over to the Baccarat table where he proceeds to join in. To cut the long story short, Bond ends up being victorious, winning the game and possibly the lady. 


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movie scenes of Russia shot in Budapest



Russian Scenes Not Shot in Russia


The magic of Hollywood makes it possible for filmmakers to make you think they were in one place when they were not. For one reason or the other, it may not be possible for filmmakers to film the entire movie on location. 


So what they do is take the shot somewhere else and intimate that they were in Russia. We have seen this in a few movies.


movie scenes of Russia shot in Prague



Mission Impossible 


A popular flick that quickly comes to mind is Mission Impossible. It is amazing how the plot in this movie unfolds in Moscow, yet the bulk of the footage for this one is from Prague.


But the Tom Cruise flick is not the only one that is guilty of this mischief. A famous Bruce Willis film also used an alternate location to give viewers the impression of witnessing movie scenes of Russia filmed in Russia.


A Good Day to Die Hard


In A Good Day to Die Hard, released in 2013, the story is all about Russia. But the truth is, most of this imagery is actually of Budapest. 


Regardless of whether you’re a fan of spy movies, the effort in finding the right location is always admirable. This is true for movie scenes of Russia or any other foreign country. The right location does more than just conjure the magic of cinema!


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