The Best Websites for Budget Flights

So, you’re so excited about your upcoming trip, but you need to find the best websites for budget flights. Going directly to the airline’s sites might not leave you with the best taste in your mouth, especially when you see how much a seat in the most basic section of a plane can cost. Before feeling like you have to take out a title loan to afford your next flight, remember that the Internet is full of safe resources for affordably priced flights. There are so many ways to save a few dollars when selecting airfare. I have posted some great tips on budget flights. Without further ado, here are five of the most reliable and trustworthy websites to find discounted airfare that won’t break the bank.


The Best Websites for Budget Flights




Skyscanner lives up to its namesake. This website literally scours the web for you and finds the lowest prices by comparing big name airlines as well as airlines that don’t typically advertise on regular search engines. What makes this particular website so nifty is the way it will allow you to see flexible dates and compare price differences in airports within a fifty-mile radius. Skyscanner directs consumers to the direct website, once a flight has been selected, so you can trust that what you’re buying is the real deal.




Cheapoair updates prices in real time, so as discounted flights appear on the site as they come into existence, period. Because flights fluctuate in price so often, Cheapoair will send you a notification if there is a price decrease prior to checking out, which means that you will get the best flight for the best price possible. There are also often promo codes that can be applied on top of the discounted airfare, so you’re getting more for your money.




Kayak is one website that works hard, so you don’t have to. This discount airfare website combs the web for the best prices possible, going so far as to even provide guests with what is known as “Hacker fare.” This unusual option allows individuals to book two separate flights from separate airlines, meaning you fly to your destination on one airline and fly back on a separate airline. As a result, your roundtrip flight costs as little as possible.




Hotwire is perfect for people in search of last minute flights. The way this discounted flight site works is by offering discounts on unsold flights. Hotwire also offers something called the “Hot Rate.” These rates allow people to purchase flights whose exact departure and arrival times, as well as airline, remain a mystery until after the purchase, perfect for the person with a little flexibility in their schedule who wants the absolute best price possible.


Google Flights


Finally, we have Google’s Google Flights. You most likely use Google for everything else on the Internet, so it makes sense that they are also a trusted source for discounted flights. Google Flights uses its strong search engine to compile the best prices for the dates you want to fly and also offers you a calendar’s view of when fares are the lowest. While there are a few airlines that don’t show up on Google Flights (ie. Southwest), Google Flights actually finds fantastic prices that are comparable to other websites dedicated to finding discounted airfare.


You don’t have to take out a loan to afford flights. Check out these websites for budget flights and surely you will find something that fits your budget. Be sure to explore even deeper budget travel tips before you choose a date too and this will help you all around nail down the most affordable flights. 


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