Flights to Asia Don’t Have to Suck if You Depart From the Right Airport

Let’s face it, the airport can really suck sometimes. Whether it’s the long security lines, all the walking or just the stress of getting to your flight on time, traveling, in general, is exhausting. For many, a trip to the airport is comparable to Dante’s Inferno, a circle of hell containing miseries beyond human comprehension. When you aren’t being patted down and scrutinized like a potential threat to national security, you’re staring blank-faced into the middle distance in departure lounges as if you’ve temporarily lost your faculties. There are fewer reliefs in life more satisfying than leaving an airport – but that’s not true of them all.


Some international flight hubs which have perfected the balance of efficiency and friendliness, while many feature art galleries, swimming pools, massage centers, and even cinemas. And it’s really refreshing when you experience an airport where designers and management take pride in curating a space that’s a pleasure to spend time in, as well as pass through.


So, if you’re flying to Asia, you should enjoy it. With that in mind, here are a number of airports that are worth departing from. 


The Best Airports for Flights to Asia


Seattle Tacoma Airport, USA


Seattle Tacoma Airport, otherwise known as Sea-Tac, is an international flight hub that feels like it’s tailor-made for business and pleasure. Its floor-to-ceiling glass walls allow for unparalleled views of the surrounding environment, while its play area for kids makes it a coup for families coping with the stress of group travel. Bolstering this impressive facility’s offering are a huge number of retail outlets, eateries and private parking providers to give you an optimal experience.


Our Sea-Tac highlights: If you want private parking at Sea-Tac, is your best bet, while the Seattle Seahawks 12 Club offers exemplary food.


Heathrow Airport, United Kingdom


London has an arguably unfair reputation for unfriendliness, but Heathrow shows that it’s an airport with class that would put even the most nervous flyer to shame. This is the second busiest airport in the world, and as such it’s put in the extra effort to keep flyers entertained.


Our Heathrow highlights: The Jo Malone Boutique offers a unique collection of hand oils, colognes, candles, bath oils and much more to make your home chic. And if you’re looking for a bite to eat, you can use the airport’s pre-order service, allowing you to order before you even arrive.


Schiphol Airport, Amsterdam


The sheer breadth of things to see and do in Schiphol Airport is almost overwhelming, and its layout means you can shop and dine with ease before you catch your flight. Don’t forget to pick up a tulip from one of the many retail outlets as the perfect souvenir.


Our Schiphol highlights: The Fashion Gallery offers a catwalk collection of designer brands which are the kitten’s mittens, while the Amsterdam Bread Co. can give you an amazing selection of baguettes, paninis and delectable sandwiches.


Flying to Asia is going to suck no matter what you do because unless you have wads of cash for a first class leg to the other side of the planet, you’re riding coach like the rest of us chumps. But your airport experience doesn’t have to. Choose your departure wisely and you might even find that you like being in the airport after all. 


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