5 Family Activities to do in Atlantic City

While many travelers associate Atlantic City, New Jersey with more adult activities like gambling, families will find plenty of fun things to do here as well. Whether you already live in the area, or you’re working with a realtor in NJ searching for that ideal home, once you’ve made your move, these are just a few of the activities you can look forward to within a short drive.


Atlantic City Travel Tips


Atlantic City Boardwalk and the Steel Pier


One of the most popular attractions here is the Atlantic City Boardwalk, a four-mile wooden walkway that’s been an iconic part of the town for nearly 150 years. It’s home to the Steel Pier which offers all sorts of kiddie rides and a double-decker carousel that visitors of all ages enjoy, as well as bumper cars and rides for more thrill-seeking older kids, teens and adults like The Slingshot.


Hit the Beach


The Jersey Shore beaches are famous and are ideal for wading on a hot day, building sand castles or just relaxing in the sun. All sorts of ocean activities like fishing, kayaking and surfing can be enjoyed as well. From mid-June to just after Fourth of July you can watch the world’s top 20 sand sculptors as they carve incredible works from the water and sand as part of a global competition on the beach between the resorts and Steel Pier on Pennsylvania Avenue.


Explore the Atlantic City Aquarium


The Atlantic City Aquarium is a must-visit for families with younger kids. It doesn’t take a lot of time to get through it all, I but offers lots to thrill the little ones. They can pet and feed the small sharks as well as stingrays in multiple touch-tanks, marvel at all the colorful fish, and the snakes and turtles in the reptile exhibits. Head to the upper balcony for spectacular views of the Atlantic Ocean.


Visit Ripley’s Believe It or Not Museum


Families with older children and teens will enjoy visiting this odd building that’s cracked down the middle to check out a massive collection that includes over 500 quirky and downright bizarre exhibits. Open year-round, you’ll be able to view a stuffed calf with two heads, a statue of Jimi Hendrix made from Rubix cubes and much more.


Take a Cruise


There are multiple family-friendly cruise options offered by Atlantic City Cruises, where you can take in views of the city, a colorful sunset from the water, or a dolphin-watching excursion, searching for pods of the marine mammals as they leap through the surf. The multi-deck vessels offer both indoor and outdoor seating if being outdoors too long under the sun gets to be a bit much.


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