What to do When You Find Yourself Saying “My hotel has spiders!”

Spiders are one of the most unwanted creatures in our living Arena. Their presence is a threat to humans because of their shady habit of spinning webs. Not only that, it has been discovered that the spider is harmful to humans. Spiders are fond of hiding in dark and secluded places around the home. They are found in places such as the bathroom, ceiling, kitchen and some other areas of the house. No matter where they may be found, spiders are not expected in and around the living quarters.


Some people find spider scary because it belongs to the family of the scorpion. In actual fact, there are species of spider that sting. There is no need to be scared of the hairy, long-legged, slumpy-limb, creepy- crawly creature, there is a permanent solution to get rid of them totally. The worse part of these creatures is that it does not necessarily have to be your home. You could be on a trip and still encounter them in your hotel room. So what then do you do if your hotel has spiders?


This article will explain all you need to know in order to do identify wolf spiders and how to do away with the intruder as well as some ways to prevent them at home and on the road.


Below are some great ways to get rid of spider in your Hotel room


The nudging method

This is one of the best methods to get rid of spiders in your hotel room.  The method enables you to get the spider out of the house once they are close to the door, window or any other outlet. You can use a stick, ruler or any other long object to throw the spider farther away from the hotel room once they approach the doorway or any other outlet. This keeps the spider away from the room.


Cover up gaps

Covering up all gaps and cracks around the house or hotel room especially in the floorboard is a very important step towards keeping the intruders away. The fact about spiders is that they gain access to the house through these gaps and cracks. Sealing them up will make it very uncomfortable for them to stay in the house.  Another any you can repel spider in the house or hotel room is by placing fine mesh over large holes to hinder spiders from gaining entrance.


Removing the spider’s web

One of the easiest ways to send spiders packing from the house or hotel room is complete removal of its web. Spiders stay close to the web n order for monitoring in case it catches a prey. Therefore, removing cobwebs is one of the potent ways to get rid of spiders. The spider is fond of constructing its web in a secure area such as a ceiling area, spaces between leaves, twigs, and shots.


The Cup and glass Method

The cup and glass method is a well-known method for getting rid of the interlopers.  This method requires the use of a cup and glass. A bit of card is also needed. Care must be taken when carrying out this procedure. The first step to take is to cover the spiders with the cup and carefully slide the card underneath it. Take the spiders to a far destination away from home and let them enjoy their new environment.


Tapping Method

One of the ways to remove spiders in the house is getting them in into a dustpan while the spiders are moving. This method requires bravery. Once they get into the pan, carry them outside.

Now, obviously, if your hotel has more than one lonely spider or you aren’t comfortable, we recommend you let the hotel know.

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