Places to Check Out and Things to Do In Australia for Adventurers

Australia is a land of adventure. Its diverse landscape and distant location create a siren’s song that can be heard to wanderlusters worldwide. It’s not a place you want to take an organized bus tour, but rather create your own trail for a one-of-a-kind experience.  If you’re traveling down under, hire a 4X4 to explore, camp, and create memories that will last a lifetime. Here are some of the best four-wheel drive hotspots that you won’t want to miss. Here is a list of things to do in Australia.

Things to Do In Australia for Adventurers

Beaches in Perth Australia


Cape York Area

Cape York is untouched and just waiting for avid explorers to go wild. This diverse landscape will take you through rainforests, sandy beaches, sandy deserts, forests, towns and beyond. Home to thousands of plant and animal species, this area is a must-see while you’re in Australia. Cape York was home to only the natural life and Indigenous people until a little more than a century ago. It is still greatly undeveloped by humans, which is what makes it so special. Be sure to travel to Cape York during the dry season, between May and October. During the rainy season, much of the land becomes impassable and dangerous.


Perth Area

Perth is a popular destination in Australia, due to its stunning landscape. Travel along the Coral Coast for stunning vistas and small villages along the water. You can choose to stay in a more populated area or put together your camping gear and hit the outback. Hit the water with your snorkeling gear and see sea turtles, dolphins, and maybe even a whale shark or two.  In addition to natural wonders, you can find over 100 wineries at Margaret River. Cruise through endless sandy deserts and camp under the stars in one of the many National Parks in the area. Many of the National Parks offer generator hookups, water, and proper restrooms for your comfort. If you prefer to camp along the trail, check and make sure that you are allowed to stay in that area before pitching a tent.


Darwin Area

Darwin is a breathtaking, tropical city on the water that blends urban and rural life with modern and historical cultural significance. Located on the northern shore of Australia, Darwin is said to be the gateway to Asia. The area is rich with National Parks, where you can learn more about the diverse cultures of the area and view art displays that date back to 50,000 years ago. While you’re in the area, see if you can join one of the scheduled tours to Tiwi Island. Tourism opportunities are limited, as Tiwi Island is home to the Tiwi Aboriginal people. With their stunning art displays and fascinating island lifestyle, it’s worth the trip if you can make the cut.


Kakadu National Park Area  

Kakadu National Park is not far from Darwin, but earns its own place on the list as it covers over 19,000 square kilometers. With waterfalls cascading over towering cliff faces and lush rainforests, Kakadu National Park is filled with thousands of flora and fauna species to behold. Keep an eye out for crocodiles as you tour through the rivers via boat and bring your bird list to see what you can identify. Don’t leave the area without first experiencing the Yellow Water Billabong. Here you will see crocodiles, wild horses, mangroves, gorgeous flowers, and more birds than you can possibly imagine. Once the sun goes down, settle in by the fire and do some stargazing. If you plan on camping, be sure to book well in advance as this is a popular choice for travelers.

If you plan on taking off to Australia and want to see as much as possible, you will need to do some planning ahead of time. Many areas are inaccessible, depending on the season, and during the high season it can be challenging to secure reservations. If you plan it right, yet leave room for spontaneity, you’ll have the trip of a lifetime.

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