How to Land a Job and Work Abroad So You Can Explore the UK

Many people have dreams of living abroad in the UK so that they can have the opportunity to explore the culture, history, architecture, and way of life first-hand, but unfortunately, it’s not always possible financially to just pick up and move to another country. Of course, if you can manage to land a job and work abroad, suddenly your dream is attainable since you know you’ll have an income while you are there and exploring.


So how exactly can you land a job in UK allowing you to go and live there and explore the area? Here are some tips you can use.


Work Abroad in the UK


Zero in On Specific Jobs


While you can certainly feel free to apply to a job in any field and/or industry, there are some that tend to be more popular with those looking to work and live abroad in the UK. One example is to explore the field of teaching, like teaching in these Greenwich schools which are advertised on Point to Point.


Greenwich just so happens to be the largest borough in London, which means there are a wide range of schools where you can find a job. And thanks to its close proximity to all the major sites, you’ll be in a great area for sightseeing during your off-hours.


Work on Your Skills and Experience


If you’ve been busy applying for all kinds of positions and have yet to hear from any employers, then it could be that you need to beef up your skills and experience. Look at your resume with a critical eye, are you showcasing skills and talents that are relevant to the jobs you are applying for? It may be that you need to do a bit more training here at home before you start to look for a job in the UK.


Figure Out If Your Qualifications are Valid in the UK


Just because you may have a certain set of qualifications at home, doesn’t always guarantee that they are recognized or valid in the UK. In order to figure out if your qualifications relate to the British ones, it’s a good idea to visit UK NARIC.


Explore Job Sites Meant for Non-UK Residents


It also helps to know where to look for jobs. There are a number of online job boards that are meant to help those looking for a job in the UK but who don’t currently live there.


Start Networking Long Before You’re Ready to Make the Move


The final tip is to plan for your future. What this means is that the moment you even start to think about living and working abroad in the UK, you will want to start networking. The more contacts you can make in your industry of choice, the more likely it is that you will be able to find a job.


Moving to a new country is always going to be a bit stressful and scary, as you never know what it will hold, but by taking these steps you will at least be able to get a solid job and have peace of mind that you will have an income.


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