Why You Should Be Staying at a Hen House Instead of Booking a Hotel

Planning a surprise trip for your friends is no easy task, especially if you have your wedding the next day. A hen party is important because it’s your last chance to hang out with your besties before tying the knot. But you don’t need to go over-budget. Following, we are suggesting a few reasons why you should rent a house instead of booking a hotel.


Staying at a Hen House


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Save Yourself

There is no denying that weddings and hen parties can be quite expensive. Staging a hen party can cost you thousands of dollars. Therefore, you need to cut some corners.  Find a hen party house to rent as affordable as compared to booking a hotel. There are great deals as low as $30 per person a night. You get your own kitchen which lets you store snack and drinks. The added space and facilities of renting a house save money. Your guests will love it even though it doesn’t feel premium as a hotel.


Enjoy More

The idea behind a hen party is blowing some steam off before the big day. But, if your room is scattered throughout a floor, you won’t have quality time together. Therefore, you should get a house instead of a hotel as you will have lots of space to spread your wings and enjoy time with your friends. It doesn’t matter whether you planned a big dinner or cocktail party, you won’t fall short on space.


Stay Comfy

DO you need to open your bottle, or space a glass, you don’t need to face strangers? Renting a house means privacy with the amenities of a stuffed crib. You get great comfort and privacy in exchange for wait staff and added costs. This seems a reasonable deal consider you can kick back and relax without any issue with the staff. You can have a blast and make all the noise without dealing with any complaining neighbors. Lastly, you won’t have to spend the night cooped in a tight room. Nothing says comfy like staying at a hen house with your girls!


Plan Your Night

Plan your need with ultimate freedom. You don’t need to deal with getting your girlfriends to a dinner table on time. You don’t need to get up early and make it to hotel breakfast, especially if you are hungover. You won’t be disturbed by cleaning staff or won’t face the disappointment of a closed bar. You can plan the party on your terms when you pick a rented house instead of a hotel.


What Else?

Planning your wedding is demanding enough, so we can’t imagine the pressure you deal with when you plan the hen alongside. Having a hotel means you need to keep up with their set standards.  Yes, you will have to pay for added options,and you may lose control over your bill. When you find a hen party house to rent, you won’t have to deal with such issues. Sure finding a suitable option but once you do, you have done more than half of the bidding. Whereas when you book the hotel, the real challenge is planning an eventful night within your budget.

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