How to Pack for DelhiI If You’re Visiting in the Summer

Delhi is a big city, and it may confuse anyone who is not familiar with it. When departing from Bangalore, make sure to check Bangalore to Delhi flight timings. How to pack for Delhi will depend on the time you reach Delhi. There are a number of things to pack when planning a visit in summers. Although traveling to Delhi is not a problem because of the many facilities available here.


Luggage Bag


The first thing you need when asking yourself how to pack for Dehli is a luggage. Any kind of luggage bag can be taken to Delhi as there are coolies are the railway stations and public places which help to carry them to hotels or cabs. Carrying weight is thus not an issue. Having a backpack is mandatory if you are visiting the city as a traveler for sightseeing. A briefcase or a suitcase would do if on a business or luxury trip.




The biggest task is to choose the right kind of clothing. The weather of the capital city changes according to the different seasons. Casual Trendy clothes can be worn in summers. Floral dresses, tops, and casual tees can be packed while traveling. Many people advise bringing empty bags so that it can be filled with purchases from the markets of Delhi. In a Sikh temple, it is advisable to carry a scarf to cover your head.




The stylish clothes can be complemented with a pair of flats or flip-flops. A good pair of slippers and walking shoes is a must. Socks are essential if you plan on visiting the temples or places of worship as it is not allowed to wear shoes in the temple.


Power Adaptor


To charge all the important appliances like cameras, laptop or mobile, power adaptor must be carried.




Toiletries are usually available in all the hotels of Delhi. It is a huge city, and if there is a special requirement of body washes, shampoo or lotions, these can be packed while leaving for the city. Some people have specific brand requirements, and so they can carry their own supplies.


Daily Travel Things 


Daily travel in Delhi is impossible without a sling bag or a messenger bag. Things of daily need like soap, hand towel, face tissue or water can be put in the bag. Sightseeing in Delhi is an amazing experience, but if you forget any of these things, then it can become troublesome. Things that can be used and thrown should only be packed.




A camera whether Mobile, Digital Camera or DSLR is a must to capture the beautiful moments when visiting Delhi. If you forget your camera in any case, then Delhi has a number of shops from where you can purchase a new trendy one. The camera lets you capture the exotic scenery. A pair of binoculars helps in looking closer to flora and fauna, the birds and wildlife, the detailed carvings of the architectural buildings.


Medical Supply


Regarding medical supplies, make sure to carry medicines for a cough, cold, fever and aches. Do not forget to carry the antiseptic creams and few dressings. It is sunny during the day, so it is preferable to carry sunscreen lotion. Also, carry anti-mosquito creams to keep the mosquitoes at bay. It is advisable to get treatments and vaccinations before visiting Delhi.

All in all, Delhi is rich in culture and scenery. Packing appropriate supplies is something that needs to be taken care of while traveling to Delhi in summers. Summers can be scorching heat. Bangalore to Delhi flight timings can be checked before departing from Bangalore. Bangalore lies near the shore, so it is advisable to keep things in, and before traveling to Delhi. Bags can be packed keeping in mind the weather and the temperature in the capital city.

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