Things to Know Before You Go – Visiting the Dead Sea for the First Time Ever

Are you excited about finally visiting the Dead Sea? How long have you planned to make this trip a reality? Finally, it is coming to life and you surely can’t sleep as you are really excited about going there. But what is the Dead Sea? How much do you really know about it? Before you get too excited, here are some tips on visiting the Dead Sea to serve as your guide as a first timer in the area.


Dead Sea Tips for the Newbie


Be careful of the sinkholes


The Dead Sea was formed because of a rift that caused the surface to sink. It didn’t stop years ago. Instead, the sinking continues. Hence, you can find a lot of sinkholes surrounding the area. There are only a few areas that are deemed safe for bathing. Sinkholes may just open up without any warning and swallow anyone who steps in them.


Find the best place to eat


Aside from visiting the Dead Sea, you should also include on your list the places to dine. You must have an authentic experience of the local’s culture by dining in some of the best restaurants in the area. The Taj Mahal is one of the most popular places. No, this is not the one found in India. It is a place that serves Middle Eastern grilled meat. Aside from the food, you will love it here because there are pillows, low couches, and carpets. It feels really cozy.


visiting the dead sea


Avail of the world’s biggest free spa


The Dead Sea is considered the biggest free spa in the world. Both the sea water and the mud surrounding it have healing properties. You should try placing the mud all over your body so that you can experience the benefits. You can relax while waiting for the mud to dry and take its effect. The high concentration of sodium helps in boosting your immune system. The mud also contains minerals that leave your skin silky smooth. You can cover your body from head to toe, making it the best natural spa ever.


Take photos before you jump into the water


You might think that you have a modern device that can withstand water as it is waterproof. Even these devices won’t survive if they fall into the sea water. The extremely high salt content will surely doom the device. Therefore, you should take photos before enjoying the water.


visiting the dead sea


Don’t forget to visit other sites


Aside from floating in the Dead Sea, you should also visit Masada, a UNESCO World Heritage site. Other natural wonders like springs and botanical gardens can also be found. Old synagogues and museums containing artifacts are also worth visiting.


When swimming, wear an old bathing suit


This is not your usual beach, so don’t wear expensive swimwear. It will just fade due to the high saltwater content. Don’t shave hours before diving into the water either as it could be extremely painful. Wrap any cuts and wounds too.


Now that you are well-informed, go ahead and begin your Dead Sea adventure.  

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