That Mermaid Life 5 Fairytale Like Beaches in Perth Australia

When I was a child I wanted to be a mermaid. I think it had something to do with the movie Splash that made me want it so bad. Either way, you can add it to the many fantastic dreams I had when I was a kid. Now, a grown woman, I still get all giddy when I see a dreamy coastline. So, a few years ago I started looking for the most beautiful beaches in the world. Wouldn’t you know, I found most of them in Australia, especially Perth.


Perth is a perfect place for swimmers who love the beach. The waves are near nonexistent. The water is clear-blue and, in my opinion, a paradise for the mythical mermaid. I mean after all, if you can’t be a mermaid, you may as well swim like one. Here are the most fairytale-like beaches in Perth, perfect for those with a mermaid soul.


Beaches in Perth Australia


Mermaid Beaches in Perth Australia 


The Basin on Rottnest Island


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If you want to mix your magical day with a dose of wildlife, this swimming hole is perfect. Surrounded by a reef, it’s a great snorkeling spot as well as swimming. It has a village named with my last name too which makes it extra cool. Thompson Bay is just s short walk away. Also, there are some handy free things to do in the area as well.


South Cottesloe Beach


If you want to bask in the sun like a mermaid, then South Cottesloe Beach is your spot. Its tranquil waters will keep you floating into a fairytale daydream. Prepare yourself for the steps down to the shore though. Still, totally worth it.


Parakeet Bay, Rottnest Island


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I’ve always been fascinated by places named after wild animals. Much like Parakeet Bay. It just rolls off the tongue nicely like, “I spent the day at Parakeet Bay”.


Yanchep Lagoon


Very similar to the Basin on Rottnest Island, Yanchep Lagoon is surrounded by a reef so it stays very, very calm. Total mermaid vibes here for sure. And a great picture spot as well.


Leighton Beach


Beaches in Perth AustraliaPhoto source CCL


Perhaps one of the most liked beaches in Perth is Leighton Beach. It has a large, white, sandy shore where the water stays very calm. You can find a variety of dining options close by as well which makes it a great spot for an all-day affair.


Fairytales are fantastic, and travel can be too. You can make your trip to Perth perfect. Just pack a bag and hire Perth airport transfers to be on your way. Good luck choosing your mermaid paradise on one of these beaches in Perth. And no matter where you go, don’t forget to close your eyes and say a little blessing for the marine life!


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