I Bought My First Home and to Celebrate I Have a Sweet Hobby Lobby Promo Code

hobby lobby promo code

Santa brought us something extra special this year, a brand new home! So to celebrate, I’m sharing this awesome Hobby Lobby promo code and more! For those who love to craft, Hobby Lobby is a Mecca. From DIY art for the walls of a home, to picture framing, Hobby Lobby is America’s favorite craft store. The Hobby Lobby website reports that their network of more than 750 stores, it is the “largest privately owned arts-and-crafts retailer in the world with approximately 32,000 employees and operating in forty-seven states.” Now, that’s a lot of hot glue! But the stores hold more than just crafting supplies; the casual shopper will find:



  • Home Accents
  • Jewelry
  • Clothing
  • Wedding supplies
  • Holiday decor
  • Baskets
  • Floral
  • Fabrics
  • And more


hobby lobby promo code


Speaking of the Hobby Lobby website, visitors can pick up a few promo codes just by going online. You can even print the code and take it in-store to present a coupon.


Hobby Lobby makes no bones about the organization’s strongly held religious and charitable affiliations. Shoppers can take another 10% off if they represent “churches, schools, and national charitable organizations” just by using a check or card with the organization’s name.


Evidently, that commitment to giving back, along with some great prices on the best crafty stuff, have paid off. The company is #106 on the Forbes list of Largest Private Companies as of July 2016. Hobby Lobby revenues topped $3 billion last year. Certainly, that’s a lot of wicker baskets sold, but Hobby Lobby ranks third behind craft stores Michael’s and JoAnn Fabrics.


Still, millions of Americans flock to Hobby Lobby. For those frequent shoppers, we’ve assembled some of the best places online to find working promo codes. Why in the world would anyone pay full price to get their craft fix? Let’s save some bucks!


Promo Code Site #1: Coupon Cabin


coupon cabin logo

Couponcabin has been around for a decade, and the site has gotten better over time. The website list a ton of promo codes for all kinds of products and services.


hobby lobby promo code

The site has more than 3,000 retailers listed, so it’s a good stop before purchasing, well, anything. If the visitor takes the time to sign up and makes purchases through their site links, they can earn cash back at the end of the year, which can arrive in the form of a check, go to a PayPal account, or several other options.


For the average user that doesn’t want to sign in, there are a number of Hobby Lobby promo codes to check out. First, go to the upper left corner of the site and type in “Hobby Lobby” by the little hourglass search window.


The day we searched we found 18 deals. Not bad at all. But the site leads with the 40% off coupon, which really isn’t anything special; we already know this discount is a standard part of the Hobby Lobby site. One site feature that’s kind of interesting is the “shopping tips” on the upper right corner above the promo codes. It’s a feature we haven’t noticed on other sites.


hobby lobby promo code

Clicking on it opens a left-sided window with some interesting pointers for snagging better deals. There are some good ideas in there about Hobby Lobby’s price matching and returns policies, as well as tips for printable in-store coupons. Note, though, to take advantage of the site, the user must log in.


When the viewer goes to click on the promo code without setting up a login, an annoying pop-up thwarts the process. I mean, who is going to say “No,” right? On a coupon site?


Clicking “Yes” takes the visitor to another pop-up window encouraging them to log in. This seems a little heavy-handed, but it’s a good reminder of the cashback feature.


The good news is the casual visitor that doesn’t want to be hassled with yet another log in can hit the “X” in the upper right corner of both pop up windows, then click the deal they want.


Finally! You’ll see the promo code.


We do like that the promo code window offers a couple of other numbers that could unlock the value if the first promo code bags out. Nothing wrong with hedging our bets!


Now let’s look at another coupon promo code site, Dealspotr.


Promo Code Site #2: Dealspotr


dealspotr logo

Dealspotr looks like it nails the promo code war right off the bat, with their site claiming bragging rights to “4x More Working Codes Than Any Other Coupon Site.” This claim is particularly interesting because there is nothing more frustrating than having an expired promo code in the checkout line (either in-store or online).


dealspotr page

The site claims to have exclusive promo codes not found anywhere else. Now that’s a good thing for any shopaholic. One of the really interesting components to Dealspotr is that the site has a real Facebook feel. That’s because they’ve combined social media with couponing, something that really hasn’t been done before. There are currently 3,000 “influencers” on the site that are responsible for getting deals to members by validating promo codes and just generally sharing the promo code love through their newsfeeds. So joining Dealspotr is kind of like having a who community of shoppers that share deals back and forth. Now, that is cool.

hobby lobby promo code

But does the site live up to their “working” codes claim?


Like Couponcabin, there is a search bar at the top of the site. Type in “Hobby Lobby.”


A new window opens on an entire Hobby Lobby page. It gives the option immediately to shop at Amazon or on the store site. Clicking on the promo code takes the shopper right to the promo code without the annoying pop-up windows. That’s a plus, in our book.

hobby lobby promo code


Notice the left side navigation bar in yellow that lets the user pick the type of promo codes they want, from in-store to product-specific. There is even a section on third-party deals, which are other vendors that feature Hobby Lobby promo codes. We’ve not seen that before. Turns out this feature has some good value promo codes for shopping on Raise, Amazon, and eBay.

hobby lobby promo code
There is a second way to search on the site and that is by category. In this case the visitor would look for “Crafts & Hobbies.” This takes the user to a general page of all kinds of promo codes for all kinds of stores, from Perpetual Kid, Cricut, and Forzieri, to Hobby Lobby, PinMart, and the Paragon.

hobby lobby promo code
But the best deals appear to come from logging in as a member. While the promo codes stay the same, there is a big social component to the site that lets members see what other people are saying about the brand. This type of influencer marketing is very powerful — people believe a personal product endorsement over any kind of advertising. Companies know sites like Dealspotr are influential, which means they’ll be more likely to put promo codes out there for members to use. It’s an effective idea that seems to work pretty well.

hobby lobby promo code

Craft Heaven at Hobby Lobby


For the hobby enthusiast or home decorator, Hobby Lobby is a go-to location for anything the crafter needs to beautify their space. These were just two of the biggest promo code sites out there and both offer real benefits for signing up as members. Just remember this — anytime shopping is on the menu, never settle for full price. The Internet is full of deals to help stretch the wallet and the budget.

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