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10 Fun Things to Do in St. Martin

Planning a trip and looking for things to do in St. Martin? There are lots of things you can do on and around the island located in the northeast Caribbean. It has numerous tourist spots that you may enjoy; from beaches, water activities to restaurants and a whole lot more. You would need to spend a number of days and perhaps look for luxury villa rentals in St. Martin to make the most out of your vacation.


Making an itinerary can be challenging, given the numerous options you have. But read on, as we have some suggestions you can consider.


Top 10 Activities to Do in St. Martin


Trek and see the sights in Fort Louis


Did you know that Fort Louis was once a site of battles among the major powers in the Caribbean? At present, you can still see some old cannons from the said battle. Also, you may do some trekking and behold St. Martin’s largest historical monument in Marigot.


Walk around The Butterfly Farm


How would you feel about being surrounded by thousands of butterflies? If you like the idea, then take a trip to The Butterfly Farm. When you’re there, just stand still and countless tropical butterflies will be all over you. The farm is open daily.


Enjoy the lobsters at the Greenhouse


St. Martin is known for its abundance in Caribbean lobster. Nevertheless, you can enjoy a lobster night at an affordable price. But apart from the big and tasty lobsters, the place also showcases a fun atmosphere. At the Greenhouse, you can enjoy live music and happy hour specials.


Have a taste of Guavaberry liquor


Guavaberry liquor has been popular in St Martin for centuries now. There are even songs and stories about it.


The liquor is made from rare St. Martin guava berries, cane sugar, and oak aged rum. If you want to see the guava berry world headquarters, it is located in an old townhouse on Front Street in Phillipsburg; which is likewise once the governor’s home.


Go Kayaking to Pinel Island


Have your own kayak rental, paddle around Pinel Island, and explore a number of beautiful secluded beaches. The island is known for snorkeling; it is just a short kayak ride away from the Cul de Sac.


Go Diving


No scuba dive certification? No problem. Try SNUBA and find yourself diving up to a depth of 20 feet. This is perfect for wanna-be divers, for it allows them to get a taste of what it is to actually dive.


Enjoy a day trip to Anguilla


Want to explore various beaches and other fun destinations? Rent a car for the day and go wherever you want.  Going to Anguilla from St. Martin is easy. It only requires a 20-minute ferry ride.


Try the Zip-line


Zip-lining is undeniably one of the most popular activities around the globe. Should you want to do it in St. Martin, just go to Loterie Farm and have that awesome zip-lining experience. Feel free to do other recreational activities as well.


A Close Encounter with a Local Species


Do you love animals? If so, you may also want to go to the St. Martin Zoological Park. It has numerous animals including local species.


Go hiking


If you are a nature lover, you will definitely enjoy the amazing views of the rainforest and the whole island. You may even have a chance encounter with monkeys living in palm trees.


When you are in a beautiful place like St. Martin, you will never run out of places and activities to enjoy. Just make sure you have enough time to prepare and plan for your trip.

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