Top13 Most Important Travel Life Hacks & Tips

Discovering or great planet is a perfect plan for a vacation. You explore cultures, meet new acquaintances, communicate more often, and get some new ideas and inspiration. However, at the same time, traveling gets us out of our comfort zone. Packing, departing, arriving and living in an unknown area cause a discomfort, which may ruin your vacation.


Whether you travel domestically or internationally, follow our easy life hacks to avoid inconveniences and make your journey unforgettable.


Life Hacks for Travelers

On Achill Island, Ireland with the Little Fairytale Traveler

Check Out these Travel Life Hacks & Tips


Make your documents’ copies


An extra copy of your passport or any ID is a primary tip for travelers. In case of theft or loss, scanned documents help to identify your person in an embassy if you travel abroad and make temporary ones. You may also load scanned pages to your smartphone or send them yourself by e-mail to avoid printouts (you may lost them too).


Call your bank


Another tip for an international journey is calling your credit company. Make sure it provides purchases in different countries.




To avoid a jet lag and stay fresh after the flight, do some exercises during the few days before departing. Actually, it is better to stay fit all the time, but if you don’t not just remember this advice. It strengthens your circadian rhythms.


Roll clothes


The ultimate life hack for packaging: roll instead of folding. It prevents wrinkling and saves space in your bag. You can also put some small bottles or devices inside these rolls.


Buy a power bank


Portable chargers are probably the best inventions of the last years. Do not overrate the accumulator of your phone, laptop or camera. It can let you down when you need it most, so always keep the charger with you.


Pack small things in containers  

Keep bobby pins, accessories and jewelry in small reusable boxes for ‘Tic Tac’ or pills. If you go camping these containers may store spice or creams and lotions.


Wrap bottles with plastic


If your journey is expected to last for long, you may take bottles of shampoo and other perfumery. To prevent spilling put a plastic wrap on the bottleneck and close it with a cap.




Airports and stations provide a currency converting services. However, such operations have predatory fees. To get cash in a local currency and save your money use ATM’s.


Ask the hotel staff for help


If you forgot or lost some belongings, ask if the hotel can borrow ones. E.g., they may have extra chargers, threads and needles, first aid kits and meds.


Forget about guidebooks


Do you really want to get new experience and know a country closer? Do not focus on trivial showplaces only. Guidebooks are useful, but they meet you with the most crowded sights. Use popular online services like Yelp or TripAdvisor to know more about local shops, restaurants, curious places and share your opinion with users.


Shop for groceries


If you are hungry, it is not necessary to visit restaurants all the time. Go to the nearest shop to save time and money, buy some fruits, bread, water and snacks. Find a shady park or a seafront, set a mini picnic to rest and enjoy beautiful sights.


Use Google Maps offline


Stop looking for free Wi-Fi to check out the route. Google service now provide the access to maps offline. Tap on your profile button upright on the page, scroll down and then tap ‘SAVE MAP TO SEE OFFLINE’. You may save as much as you need.


Stay safe and have an unforgettable vacation with


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