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Things to do in Nashville, emma loggins, ming chen, kia optima hybrid

48 Hour Road Trip – Awesome Things to do in Nashville with the Kia Optima Hybrid

I’ve been a part of the KIA family since my birthday last year when I bought myself a 2012 KIA Sorento. It was the best car choice I ever made. I love my car. And that’s even without all the fancy bells and whistles. When I was given the opportunity to test out the brand new 2017 KIA Optima on a road trip to Nashville, I was beyond ecstatic. But, even better than that, I was able to bring one of my best friends Emma Loggins, CEO of and our dear friend Ming Chen, podcaster and TV personality on AMC’s Comic Book Men along for the adventure. Talk about epic!


Things to do in Nashville


We were all super stoked about the trip. This would be our first road trip with Ming, who Emma and I know from our work with Walker Stalker and who has become an amazing friend.


Things to do in Nashville, christa thompson, emma loggins, ming chen
Ming, Emma and I selfie it up after dinner.


Nashville is such an epic city with tons to do in the way of music, culture, and nightlife. Nashville is full of so many wonderful and talented people, it’s a wonder where they all come from. Well if you’re curious, check out this article about which, metros send Nashville the newest residents each year.These are some great ways to sample one of America’s most famous cities.


Things to do in Nashville in 48 Hours


When you don’t have a lot of time to dig into a city, you can still get a decent sample of the local culture. KIA hooked us up with some pretty legit things to do in Nashville that allowed us to taste, explore and experience a bit of what Music City, U.S.A. has going on. Check them out here:


Where to Stay


Things to do in Nashville
One of the sitting areas at the Loews Vanderbilt Nashville.


KIA hooked us up in the lovely Loews Vanderbilt Nashvillewhere we had very comfortable accommodations. I loved the lobby design and Mason Bar. I especially loved getting together with the group over craft cocktails! On the club level where my room was, Emma, Ming and I would meet up in the concierge lounge for pre-dinner wine and cheese. The lounge overlooks the city and has all the comforts of a well-designed space including a reading room and fireplace. And of course, the light fare and drinks are complimentary.


Where to Eat


We had some pretty amazing meals while we were in Nashville. From legendary pancakes to steaks, we had a pretty well-rounded sampling of Nashville’s culinary offerings.


Union Common (Nashville’s Steakhouse) –  Union Common is Nashville’s small steakhouse with big flavor. With offerings on the menu like pork belly and lobster slider small plates to just about any steak, your belly could want. Its upscale contemporary vibe joins southern cuisine for any special dinner occasion, and it’s located right at Broadway and district.


Things to do in Nashville, pancake pantry

Pancake Pantry – Locals know that the Pancake Pantry is the best of the best breakfast and lunch in Nashville. Lines for this place can easily wrap around the front of the building so get there early! Sometimes it’s all about tradition and that’s exactly what they offer. Traditional American breakfast and lunch yum for your tum.


Things to do in Nashville, broadway, Merchants

things to do in Nashville, Merchants


Merchants – Established it 1892, Merchants is another upscale dinner option in Nashville with a sleek and elegant classic atmosphere offering steaks and seafood as well as gourmet southern sides and starters. I especially loved the white truffle mac and cheese and the herbed wild mushrooms. Bonus, it’s located on Broadway in the middle of world-famous Honkey Tonk Highway. So, you can get dinner and then get to drinking!


Things to do in Nashville, honest coffee


Honest Coffee – I found this little coffee spot at the Factory in Franklin. I loved the hipster vibe, everyone was super nice. Emma, Ming and I chilled here after checking out The Factory (see below). Honest Coffee is a micro roastery, espresso bar, and pour-over station inside of The Factory.


Check Out the Music Scene


Things to do in Nashville, the factory


Custom Guitars at the Factory in Franklin – Take a ride over to historic Franklin and check out The Factory. It’s an indoor boutique shopping center where you can find record shops, antique stores and even a super cool custom guitar store where Brad Paisley himself gets his guitars.


Things to do in Nashville, christa thompson

Things to do in Nashville


Live Music on Nashville’s Honkey Tonk Highway lower Broadway – Of all the things to do in Nashville, a visit to this incredible city wouldn’t be complete without a jaunt along Nashville’s Honkey Tonk Highway AKA lower Broadway. Here you can grab yourself a few adult beverages, watch live music and enjoy Nashville ‘s world-famous music culture.


Things to do in Nashville, broadway,
Honkey Tonk Highway


Enjoy a Wine Tasting in Franklin at Arrington Vineyards


Arrington Vineyard pin

Things to do in Nashville, arrington vineyards


Probably one of my favorite things to do in Nashville is visiting Arrington Vineyards. Not only is the property beautiful, but it’s teeming with southern charm. Owned by Brooks & Dunn music artist Kix Brooks, the vineyard offers tours, tastings and specialty tastings paired with perfect bites.


Things to do in Nashville, arrington vineyards

Things to do in Nashville, arrington vineyards

Things to do in Nashville, arrington vineyards

Things to do in Nashville, arrington vineyards

20161122 130836

Things to do in Nashville, arrington vineyards, christa thompson


I especially loved hanging out on the big porch and sipping on wine with Ming and Emma. Give yourself a couple hours or stay all day.


So what’s it like to roll out in a 2017 KIA Optima Hybrid?


Coming from a KIA Sorento driver I have to say it was pretty elegant. The KIA Optima Hybrid had all the bells and whistles. These were my favorite features:


20161202 173121


Super smooth ride. I felt like I was on a cloud every time I hit the road.


Seat warmers and coolers. This is a feature I can appreciate all year long. There’s nothing quite like a warm bum in the winter months, or a cool on for that matter in the summer. Warmers in the back seat too.


Loads of leg room in the back. We all took turns driving this babe of a car when exploring things to do in Nashville. When I took to the backseat, I was amazed as to how much room there was! A super comfy ride for any road trip for sure.


20161122 094907


Save loads on fuel. One of my absolute favorite things about this car is the hybrid feature. It automatically recharges itself while it’s driving. When you stop it turns off. When you go under a certain RPM it uses electric. I can’t believe how far we drove before getting gas!


Sleek interior design. I always say the inside of a car is more important than the outside because it’s where you spend all your time. I loved the sleek design in the Optima, the custom driver seating, the massive sunroof that stretches through the back of the car and the navigation system with rear camera.


2017 KIA Optima
2017 Optima Hybrid Photo KIA Motors USA


The little things. Now that I know about the little things the KIA Optima Hybrid offers, I’ll never be the same. There’s a bit of a warm fuzzy feeling I get when I approach my car and it knows I’m coming. With LED door handle and interior lighting that turns on as the car is approached, you’ll get the warm and fuzzies too.


20161203 134021


Road Tripping with KIA


Whether you’re spending a week or two days in Nashville, road tripping with KIA is a must. I’m a truly loyal customer and proud to be in the KIA family. You’ll find all its up class designs and spacious cabin comfortable for any length of trip you take. Already a KIA fan? Check out The Curve Ahead, a countdown to the world release of their top secret new ride!


20161201 121744


For more information on the 2017 KIA Optima, check out the KIA Motors USA site here.


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8 thoughts on “48 Hour Road Trip – Awesome Things to do in Nashville with the Kia Optima Hybrid

  1. This looks like it was such a fun trip! The Arrington Vineyard would be such a wonderful place to visit, I had no idea Kix Brooks owned a vineyard! Merchants looks like a fantastic place to eat while in Nashville.

  2. Great post. The food looks amazing! I’ve never been to Nashville, I love Memphis…my family and I may have to check it out.

  3. Nashville will always be amazing! It’s really full of things to do and experience. I love that there’s so much good food that you can try while also peeking at their music scene!

  4. Wow. I am now in love with KIA Optima Hybrid! I like the interior and the space. Everything is elegant! But anyway, there are lots of thing you can experience in Nashville 🙂

  5. Wow I am so impressed with the quality and styling of the new Kia’s. I had a Kia and ended up hating that car. It had issues with the clutch but I no longer want a standard so that would be a mute point now.

    My husband would love to visit the guitar shop. I would have to win the lotto before I go there though because my husband would want a new guitar.

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