Travel Tips – How to Plan a Last Minute Getaway

Everyone needs travel tips on planning a last-minute getaway. Maybe it’s a special someone’s birthday. Maybe you’ve unexpectedly come into some money. Or maybe you’ve just caught the travel bug and need to satisfy your cravings! Whatever your reason for planning a spontaneous holiday, there’s no reason to get stressed and panic buy the first deal that comes along. Follow these travel tips and your trip can be everything you dreamed of…

Last Minute Getaway Travel Tips

Be flexible about your destination

If you’re dreaming of old castles, dense forests, and snow-capped mountains, there’s a good chance you have a couple of specific locations in mind (Bavaria, anyone?). But remember that there are plenty of countries around the world where you can indulge your fairy tale fixation – and the more flexible you are about location, the better deals you’ll find! Portugal and Eastern Europe, for instance, are home to some stunning castles. And then there’s Las Lajas Sanctuary in Colombia…


Embrace chilly climates

Sure, we all love the idea of soaking up some sun on a holiday, booking a holiday off-peak means you’ll get much cheaper deals. And remember — some of the most stunning historic sites in the world are at their best when viewed in the rain.

Find the cheapest flights by booking independently

If you’re not booking a package holiday that includes flights, use an independent site that offers flights to find the cheapest air travel. If possible, try not to be too picky about specific dates or times. Remember that if you’re only going for a long weekend, you don’t want to be spending hours switching from one flight to another — for short trips, direct is the only way to go!

Pack for every occasion

If you’re jetting off somewhere completely new, don’t rely on weather apps; instead, pack a variety of versatile, practical clothes. A light raincoat, an umbrella, and some waterproof walking shoes are essential. This is your fairy tale getaway and you might just get whisked away one night for an evening of drama, romance and magic, which means one killer evening outfit is essential.

Bring a camera and a journal

One of the most important aspects of a holiday is documenting it so you’ll have beautiful memories to look back on. Bring a good camera that isn’t attached to your phone, as this will let you switch off and relax. A journal is also essential; you’ll be able to jot down diary entries, make a note of local history and folk tales, and draw sketches of your surroundings. You can even collect ticket stubs, postcards, and flowers between the pages!

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Wherever you choose to go on your impromptu getaway, just remember that last minute holidays can always be made into a fairytale with the right attitude — and, of course, a healthy sense of adventure.

Images by jensfrickephotography and Pippoloide, used under Creative Commons license.

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