Alice Through the Looking Glass Movie Review (No Spoilers)

After having just returned from three days in Los Angeles, I am pretty stoked to share with you my Alice Through the Looking Glass movie review. Over the last few days I was delighted to screen the film at the Walt Disney Studios Frank G. Wells building screening room and then again at the red carpet premiere in LA. I thought it was super cool that I got to screen the film in a working screening room where filmmakers and sometimes talent test the film during production.

Following the screening I was able to interview Mia Wasikowska (Alice), Director James Bobin and Producer Suzanne Todd which of course was amazing, especially since the film was so well done. All Alice trailers, teasers and posters.

See the trailer here:

Alice Through the Looking Glass Movie Review

About the Film

The film opens up with Alice having grown up a bit. Faced again with an impossible challenge, Alice finds herself in the whimsical world of Wonderland, this time through the Looking Glass.

The new character of Time is introduced and played by Sacha Baron Cohen who fills the antagonistic role along side the Red Queen.

Alice is thrown into a wild adventure to save the Mad Hatter and ultimately all of existence through a series of impossible challenges. But as Alice quotes in the film,

The only way to achieve the impossible is to believe it is possible.”

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My Take on the Film

Achieving the impossible is the exact message which sets up this entire film, and why I am completely in love with it. Alice is a strong, independent woman struggling to rise in a male dominated society. When she is faced with the impossible, she addresses it with tenacity and courage sending a message to everyone (not just little girls) to never give up.

Of course the film is set to a fantastical world filled with curiosities and color. Paired with the flawless design of Costume Designer Colleen Atwood’s talents, it all comes together as a visual parade of whimsical creation.

There are so many things about this film that stand out to me. The Mad Hatter is given a few interesting costume and makeup changes. There is a lot more in the way of the White Queen lending her soft and compassionate personality. The Red Queen is faced with personal growth as well.


Alice Through the Looking Glass movie review, time, poster

The new character of Time brings a whole new interesting and creative layer to the film. I think Mia Wasikowska said it best in our interview,

 I think Sasha plays a confident idiot very well. (Laughing) He’s this powerful old loser in a way, and Alice is the only one that kind of isn’t scared enough to pull him out on how he just doesn’t make any sense at all. I like that she sort of has no fear in approaching kind of anyone, but, especially him, because he’s gotten such a strong ego.”

The whole film overall is exciting and has a great storyline, it’s a must see for boys and girls along with anyone who has ever been a fan of Alice and her whimsical, magical and entirely bonkers stories.

Alice Through the Looking Glass is in theaters TODAY!

I was flown to LA for the Alice Through the Looking Glass event and red carpet premiere. This in no way shaped my review of this film.

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