Celebrating Your Little One’s Birthday While Traveling

, we spend many important moments on the road, from  to birthdays. If your travels will coincide with your little one’s birthday, there are numerous ways you can make sure the event is celebrated with as much fanfare, even if you’re halfway across the world when it occurs.


When it Comes to Presents


Even if you’re in another country, you can always find in advance of your travels and take it along with you. If you’ll be in the country, just in another state, consider having the gift sent to the hotel or apartment you’ll be staying in so you don’t have to worry about packing it and taking up valuable space. Consider finding gifts that will help your little one during the travels. Maybe it’s a personalized journal where they can write about their favorite memories throughout the journey.


Hint: Figure out some creative ways to wrap the gift once you get there instead of putting effort in just to have it come apart during transit. Even if you can’t wrap it, you can hide the gift in the apartment or hotel room you’re staying in, give your child written hints, and have fun watching them “unwrap” by deciphering your clues.

Another cool thing to do is an experience gift. Think intangible, like a surprise visit or a themed day.

Birthday Cake

So you might not be in the right area to get all of the ingredients you would normally use for a , but you can find alternatives that introduce your little one to new cultures and tastes—what’s traveling for if not to try out new experiences? If you really feel like a birthday isn’t a birthday without a special cake, there are some options out there for you. If you’ll be in a specific apartment or home for a set amount of time, order a cake for international delivery from .These personalized cakes will definitely blow your little one’s mind and make it a birthday celebration they’ll never forget.


A Taste of Home


Kids aren’t always the most adventurous of eaters, and even if your child is great at trying out new and foreign fare, their birthday might be the perfect opportunity to make one of their favorites from home, especially if they haven’t been able to enjoy it in a while because of your travels.


Do what you can to hunt down the ingredients you need to make one of their favorite home cooked meals (even if it means shelling out a few extra bucks for items that are astronomically expensive in your area), or look up a restaurant that offers the comforts of home.


Well Wishes from Home


If your child is old enough to have great friends back home who they miss, talk to the parents of the other child and so they can have a fun chat together, even if distance is in the way of a normal birthday party. You can follow this tactic to keep in touch with any family members who want to celebrate your child with you on this special occasion.


The most special birthdays are those spent with loved ones, so make sure your child can do so with the help of today’s awesomely advanced technology.


Make the Day About Them


The most important thing you can do for your little ones on their birthdays is to make the day all about them, no matter if you’re at home or exploring abandoned ruined 2,000 miles away. Block out that day of your travels and spend it doing whatever they choose. You could also brainstorm ahead of time with them to see if there’s any sights they would really like to see.


Many bigger cities have children’s museums that you could take advantage of, or maybe your child is a beach child that loves to splash in the waves. Whatever they love, you can make it come true with a little bit of foresight and planning.

It can be hard to spend a birthday far away from home, but with a little bit of extra effort, you can make sure your child has a wonderful day even from across the world.

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