Zus Car Charger Review: Finds Your Car and Charges at Super Speed

This is a Zus car charger review. The Zus car charger was sent to me at no cost for sample purposes. As always, this is my real deal take on this new gadget.

If you’ve been following me for any length of time, you know I love, love, love gadgets which make my life easier. Moreover, what I love is gadgets which make my life easier and actually work. I don’t mean just work for a hot minute then flake out on you two weeks later, I mean work for the long haul. Quality.

And I digress…


Don’t you hate it when you get pumped over some new piece of technology, you get it home, you’re all excited cause boom your life just got simpler and wham! There it goes being a piece of crap. Now you have to drive back to the store or send it back to Amazon, and you’re thinking “it’s not even worth my time”.

Been there.

Done that.

Burned the metaphoric t-shirt.

In a perfect world, we buy things which live up to their promise. And the Zus car charger does just that.


Zus Car Charger, Review


Zus Car Charger Review


The world’s first truly smart car charger“.

So what’s so special about a car charger you say? My thoughts exactly when I got the email pitch. But I’ll try anything once, almost. Here’s what the Zus car charger boasts:




  • 2x Charging Speed – Charge  TWO iPads at FULL SPEED!
  • ElegantShine Lighting – For enhanced visibility in dark environments (without bothering your lookers).
  • MIlitary Grade Quality – The only charger to meet military MIL-STD-810G high temperature standard (love this I live in the south).
  • Smart Car Locator – Find your car with a phone app that locates your charger. WHUUUUT!
  • Designed in Germany – They make nice cars thus, nice chargers?
  • Smart Device Detection – Auto detect the device type and adjust for full speed charging.


Zus Car Charger, Review


Amazing you say?

Here’s the best part…. IT WORKS AND IT”S NOT A PIECE OF CRAP!

Who’s happy? Christa is happy.


Capture 2


Seriously. My son has my old Galaxy Tb 10 from like forever ago. He plugs it into my high-speed Samsung Note charger in the house and it still takes all night long to charge… No lie, he plugged this into the car the other day and it was half charged in 30 minutes. 30 minutes!!!! Hours of charge in 30 minutes!!! 


Zus Car Charger, Review


I haven’t lost my car yet, but I did check the feature and it totally worked. I could have used this that one year at Universal Studios OMG that sucked.

Here’s the promo video:


I don’t fluff things up, this product is all it claims and then some. I hope they send me the gold one. Wink wink!



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