6 Saving for the Holidays So You Can Travel More in the New Year

Holidays are coming closer and closer, and we need to start thinking how we can save money for the big and joyous season of the year. Especially if you plan on taking any big trips in the spring! As a blogger I wasn’t always getting travel for free.


I had to save and be very penny wise. So today, I am going to share my personal favorite six holiday savings tips which I really hope you use. If I can do it as a single mom so can you! Responsible finance management is the key to building longer lasting wealth. The first thing I want to tell you before I go into these tips is what I did most recently that had the best effect on my financial picture. I decided to take out a small loan to pay off all my credit cards.


Now this is a long term plan. If your credit isn’t sparkling, a good way to do this is with collateral loans. This was nerve wrecking at first yes, but I was able to combine my credit balances into one monthly payment (easy to pay, less late fees from missing multiple due dates when I’m out of town and less interest). Doing this increased my credit score too. Just because of this little switch, I was able to save extra money (money I was wasting on fees and interest). For you, this is a great way to stash for a trip.



  1. Create a “micro-budget”

    . A big budget is hard to create and stick so to help you out a little bit, I would advise creating a micro-budget. Write down a list of everyone you are going to get a gift, and think about how much you would like to spend on each person. This tiny budget should also include costs for items such as cards, postage, gift-wrapping, meals, parties, travel, etc. And that will help you track your spending and not go over the budget too.

  2. Shop early

    If you want to save money, it is just the right time to start shopping for gifts! Especially the good day to do that would be during Black Friday then thousands of items are on sale with huge discounts. Or you can start shopping just right now and enjoy a lot cheaper items. That is because many brands tend to heighten up the prices before the Holidays. And you can totally avoid that by shopping in November.

  3. Embrace DIY culture

    You will save tons of money on gifts if you get a little bit crafty and make it by yourself! Knitting, sewing, painting and scrapbooking, etc. are not that hard, and you will always create a one of a kind gift. You can even create a mix tape, a movie of your friendship and everything else that shows your love. And the best part is that it won’t cost you tons, if not be free at all!

  4. Shop online and use coupons

    Another thing you can do to save money for the holiday season is to start experimenting and shopping on the web. In fact, if you combine that with some coupons – results are totally going to shock you! E-shopping is fast, easy, and you can easily comparison shop. Moreover, then you shop online you are resisting various other temptations. Like eating out or making impulse purchases. And that guarantees you are saving for sure. While coupons are going to make the whole process even more pleasant.

  5. Buy and use discounted gift cards

    Although the best season to harvest these gift cards is after the Christmas, you can always find many of these cards during any season of the year. But take notice that some gift cards have funds remaining. Thus – keep that in mind. So if you beloved one requested a gift card – try to get the one like that and you will surely pamper someone during Christmas without overspending at all.

  6. Abandon your online shopping cart

    And a final tip for today is to shop a little bit tricky and wicked. All you need to do is to find a perfect gift, add it your e-stores shopping cart and leave it to sink for a day or two. In fact, after some time, online retailers might send you a letter with a discount or a coupon to get you back to their site and finish the purchase. And that is how you are going to save during the Holiday season! Enjoy!

No matter how hard you think it is to save up for that dream trip, the more you save and the more responsible you are with your money, the closer you get. Whether you’re using my budget travel tips or just this simple savings guide, tomorrow you have more in the bank than yesterday if you do it right. Good luck!


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