A Girls’ Education Should Never be Taken by Child Marriage

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It’s so easy as an American to forget how good we have it. As my son goes back to school I can’t help but think about all the children who aren’t able to do this. While he comes home and all he has to worry about it doing homework, washing a few dishes and playing with his neighborhood friends, somewhere a girls’ education being lost to major barriers. We simply do not stop to remember all the girls (and boys of course) who never get to do these things.

It just breaks my heart. These young children did not plan this life and I feel like we have some responsibility to help them. No matter what their parents did or didn’t do, they are just helpless children. These young girls want more than anything to be in school but there are barriers keeping them from a good education in our world’s poorest countries. Barriers we can help destroy by joining CARE.

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Laxmi (CARE)

Things Keeping Girls from a Good Education in Poverty Stricken Countries

You wouldn’t believe some of the things keeping stopping a girls’ education, or maybe you’ve heard it before and you just need a reminder. These are things you would never even consider being a barrier for your children. But, in countries like these there is little to no educational structure and accountability, so these problems just take over and create generation upon generation of an undereducated population. The cycle needs to break. Here are just some of the barriers keeping these girls from breaking the cycle and getting a much deserved education:


Malnutrition is a very real problem with generations of consequences. There is a risk for disease and death, lower mental capacity, lower retention in school and ultimately a pattern of poverty. This cycle just breeds more poverty. With more food, there’s more learning and with more learning there’s better income.


Did you know that girls in poor countries have six times the domestic workload than boys their same age? This is a fact brought to light by community discussions and research studies in Cambodia, Tanzania and Mali. Because of this young girls usually miss their classes, arrive late and miss out on chunks of learning hours. Sadly they have to do these chores to bring in wages for their family. They spend most of their daytime working and can’t get any homework done at night because there is no electricity for lights. Can you even?

Early Marriage

This is one of the most disturbing things imaginable which create a barrier to a girls’ education. Many of us totally forget about this very real fact. Early marriage happens a lot to ease their family’s financial burden. It’s a disgusting reality for helpless girls in these countries some just 7 years of age! Oh my God I can’t even imagine the pain a child must endure being physically abused, contracting diseases and even dying during childbirth. Their little bodies, oh my it just makes me sick! This can stop!

But it doesn’t have to be this way. Please join CARE in helping bring an end to this gross human rights violation that puts the lives of 39,000 more young girls at risk every single day.

I took a minute to watch Laxmi’s story on gender discrimination…

While researching a girls’ education in poverty-stricken countries I came to Laxmi’s story. Laxmi was fortunate to be helped by CARE to attend an accelerated learning camp where she gained skills to evolve and break the cycle. She wants to become a teacher. She deserves to become a teacher, just alike every child deserves to have that choice and the tools to reach their goals. Because of CARE, Laxmi will not have to marry young and will move forward in life.

Here are Some Facts You May Not Know

  • Keeping girls out of school sentences them to a life of poverty and poor health
  • Women earn 10-20% more for every year of school completed
  • Children of educated mothers are 2x as likely to go to school
  • Children born to literate moms are 50% more likely to survive past the age of 5

Here are Some Stats that Will Make Your Heart Ache

  • If trends continue 142 million children will be married by 2020
  • Almost 39K girls become child brides every single day
  • 1 in 9 girls are forced to marry before the age of 15
  • Girls who complete secondary school are 6x less likely to become child brides

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How You Can Help

The best back-to-school addition to your checklist that you could possible give is the gift which helps these girls to learn. These gifts of lasting change will literally change an entire life’s path just by giving back a girls’ education. There are all kinds of gifts in here which I love. There’s no huge burden to spend, just whatever you feel you can do. Everything helps. Everything. As little as $10 makes all the difference, and $50 could pay for the an entire year’s schooling for a girl!

About CARE #HungrytoLearn

CARE is a leading humanitarian organization fighting global poverty with a commitment to empowering women and girls. CARE is committed to its mission to serve individuals and families in the poorest communities in the world. CARE seeks a world of hope, tolerance and social justice, where poverty has been overcome and people live in dignity and security.

CARE facilitates lasting change by:

– Strengthening capacity for self-help
– Providing economic opportunity
– Delivering relief in emergencies
– Influencing policy decisions at all levels
– Addressing discrimination in all its forms

What do you think about these barriers? 

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