5 Scariest Places in New York City

New York City is known for many of its landmarks including Wall Street, the Empire State building, and Central Park. It is undoubtedly a must-go-to place for people who prefer living the fast lanes of urban lifestyle. But New York City also has something to offer for people who are looking to get a good spook. Here are 5 of the scariest places to go to or avoid in New York City, depending on your interest in paranormal activity.

5 Scariest Places in New York City

Morris-Jumel Mansion exterior circa 1904 via Wikimedia Commons

5 Scariest Places in New York City


The House of Death

Located in 14 West 10th Street, this seemingly harmless brownstone building has earned a notoriety of being the most haunted place in the city. A number of spirits have been spotted in the building’s hallways and stairwells. If you want a serious rush from ghost hunting during your travels to New York, be sure to head down to this Manhattan spook house.

The Phantom of Gay Street

Once a speakeasy and a party venue, this charming abode on the peaceful Gay Street in West Village is said to be haunted by a spirit wearing an opera cloak hence the dubbed title of Gay Street Phantom. Don’t try partying here unless you don’t mind getting gate-crashed by a few spirits.

Morris-Jumel Mansion

Another Manhattan home terrorizing its inhabitants is the Morris Jumel mansion, which is located in 65 Jumel Terrace. Having a rich connection with the Revolutionary War, it is open to visitors all year long. Unfortunately, it’s not the fun field trip children would expect as the ghost of Eliza Jumel makes an occasional appearance.

Kreischer Mansion

The mansion was neighboured by a twin house, both of which was built by a brick manufacturer for his children. Sadly, one of the homes got burnt down a few decades later. Since then, ghostly apparitions have appeared in the remaining mansion. To further aggravate the situation, a brutal mob-related murder a few years back occurred in the said mansion.

Melrose Hall

Found in Brooklyn, the former mansion in Flatbush is the source of some of the most terrifying Brooklyn haunted stories. The property is built with a number of secret pathways, covert staircases, and even a dungeon. During the 19th century, people spoke of a spectre who often appeared in the mysterious house. It is said that the ghost’s name was Alva, a woman who died of starvation after being locked in her room.


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