A Haunting in Dunrobin Castle Sutherland, Scotland

Dunrobin Castle Photo Credit: Garian Photography

Dunrobin Castle Photo Credit: Garian Photography

Legend has it that the daughter of the 14th Earl fell to her death from a window in the attic, where she was imprisoned by her father in an effort to keep her from marrying an unsuitable man.  It is said that she haunts the upper level of the castle.

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  1. Stunning image, I have not been here in many years, Thanks for sharing, 🙂

    edmooneyphotography / Reply
    • Thank you, the shot is not mine of course, photo credits are in caption. However, it is incredibly hard to find good shots of locations like this one. I will be traveling from Dublin to Perthshire in October, hoping to connect with as many people as possible, and hoping to get some amazing shots of my own!

      • Cool, weather might be a bit rubbish, but let me know what your after, Ill come up with some sites and routes for you.

        • Well, I am looking to attend TBEX Dublin http://tbexcon.com/2013-europe/ beginning October and then traveling as much as possible in England and Scotland until the Enchanted Forest event in Perthshire which runs through the 27th October. I’m giving myself up to 2 weeks….

          • Wow, that sure lucks fun, So if your in Dublin for just the two days off the top of my head I would recommend The Hill of Tara and Trim castle and of course Newgrange, in Meath, In Kildare there is Brigids Well, the National Stud & Japanese Gardens, Brigids Cathedral, and the two standing stones in Naas. In Dublin Kilmainham Gaol, Dublin castle, The guinness storehouse and Wicklow there is Baltinglass Abbey, The Piper Stones and Athgreaney Stone Circle. Thats just a sample of the top of my head.
            Some are more tourist attractions whilst others are a bit off the beaten track, Let us know if I can be of any further help, 🙂

          • That is fantastic! Thank you I will look into all of that 🙂 I’ll be looking to work a couple days as well while I am there… Travel is not cheap lol

  2. It’s also said that she killed herself

    Viviane / Reply

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