Using the Helen Doron Method to Help Learners Comprehend the English Language

The Helen Doron Method is helping learners comprehend the English language quicker than the traditional methods used in past years. The English language has greatly evolved in recent times. In the past, teachers used traditional teaching methods which involved explaining topics while students took down notes. Today, however, The Helen Doron institutions for English Studies incorporate various teaching techniques. This encourages young learners to develop a passion and curiosity to learn and understand the English language.


Due to current technological advancements, teachers and students are able to engage in old ideas using new techniques. Many young learners find the English language challenging especially when it comes to correct use and differentiation of tenses. Helen Doron institutions incorporate both traditional and new active participation teaching methods to help learners easily comprehend the language. The learning process involves the use of various resources such as texts, events, and pictures. Additionally, use of natural methods such as continuous hearing and repeating of English words plays a major role in improving young learner’s ability to understand the language.


Various Ways to Help Young Learners Comprehend the English Language Using the Helen Doron Method



  • Use of English Vocabulary


Every day, young learners are exposed to new vocabulary through books, movies, and news channels. English vocabulary plays an integral part of learning and comprehending the language. As they accumulate their vocabulary, teachers should ensure students understand and learn the use of new words. This helps enhance their vocabulary and language in general. Helen Doron English teachers can help develop a young learner’s English language by providing exercises involving new words. They can make them fun by incorporating games, music, quizzes, and word searches. This does not only help learners learn, it helps them remember the vocabulary.


  • English only Rule


Introducing an English-only rule encourages students to speak the language throughout. This helps them sharpen their spoken and written language skills. The main objective of this rule is to help students learn how to express themselves using accurate written and spoken grammar. Incorporating classroom conversations in these techniques helps young learners understand proper pronunciation of new vocabulary.



  • The Power of Spoken English Language


The art of spoken language encourages students to engage in conversations with each other. In this case, the teacher can work as a facilitator to help students enhance their English language skills. This technique is geared towards increasing pronunciation of new words and speaking the English language in classrooms. Teachers and students can easily achieve this through taking part in discussions, working in groups, or pairs. This ensures active participation of all students.



  • The Power of Reading and Writing


This method aims at paying special attention to topics that are crucial to help students easily understand and master English language writing skills. Teachers can develop young learners’ writing skills by giving out essay writing topics. In addition, teachers can come up with reading sessions involving vocabulary and short stories. There are various fun teaching materials that can create interest in students. These include videos, photographs, and articles.  


In Closing


The Helen Doron technique of teaching the English language involves the use of active participation teaching techniques. This plays an important role in sparking student’s passion and interest towards the language. These methods are aimed at helping young learners improve their English vocabulary, grammar, written, and spoken skills.

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