Escape To A Strip Of Paradise With Costa Rica Resorts

Costa Rica can be considered one of the most privileged spots when it comes to geographical location as it is situated right in the heart of Central America. Irrespective of it being such a small country, its coasts touch both the Atlantic and Pacific oceans and are fairly accessible as one can go from coast to coast in just three hours by car and 45 minutes by plane.

The exotic paradise can boast with a large variety of aquatic ecosystems and tourists can be delighted by white and black sand beaches in its Caribbean region. Amazing activities such as fishing, snorkeling as well as cage-diving in shark infested waters come to everyone’s mind when it comes to this exquisite destination. We’ve come up with the best Costa Rica resorts for everyone who plans to come here to enjoy to their fullest potential.

Costa Rica Resorts

Cala Luna Boutique

This amazing hotel and ensemble of villas is located on the northwestern shoreline of Costa Rica right in the buzzing city of Tamarindo. The region comes with a very picturesque feeling as it is the perfect gateway to amazing scenery such as green mountains which provide rich foliage. The area can boast with a wide array of type of terrain which range from extremely dense rain forests to active volcanoes and finally lush sugarcane.

Zephyr Palace

This place possibly the most exquisite one to choose from as it is located in Jaco, an establishment on the Central Pacific coast and it offers a wide array of rooms for a tourist to choose from. The staff is extremely friendly and will be more than happy to help you with every possible that one might encounter during a stay.

Latitude 10

Latitude 10 is a different approach to what a hotel stands for. It is more than a hotel, bearing the echo badge in front of it and is comprised of 5 villas right on the beach in Santa Teresa. One will feel on cloud nine by being constantly pampered and offered a lot of delicious tasting dishes. A private beach resort might be just the thing everyone needs from time to time.

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