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People who identify as fantasy fans have a lot of diverse interests, some tangentially linked to the fantasy genre, and other less so. I attend a lot of comic cons and always found a lot of the cosplay costumes interesting. In trying to figure out a lot of the costumes, it led me to have a look at some of the different fandoms and hobbies that fantasy fans really love.

Fandom Favorite Games

Social games

Fantasy lovers are known for loving any game that has a social element to it. This includes, but is not limited to Dungeons and Dragons, and online bingo. Dungeons and Dragons is an RPG (Role Playing Game) that heavily relies on fantasy themes. You play the game with other people and it can be a wonderful, social activity in which you can engage and let loose. Online bingo sites, such as wink bingo, are another example of a fun and social game. These online bingo games have cool chat features that allow you to begin conversations with other online players.


LARPing – Live Action Role Playing is a hobbY of many fantasy fans and maybe the most common of the fandom favorite games. With an RPG, like Dungeons and Dragons, you play the game around a table and pretend to assume different characters. However, in LARPing, you actually physically dress up as these characters and act and talk as if you were your specific character. This can be a lot of fun as it really allows you to be someone else for a limited period of time. LARPing stories often take place in medieval times, and outdoor areas like forests are among the favorite locations for LARPing to take place.


Almost all fantasy fans will identify themselves as a member of the Harry Potter Fandom, commonly self-referred to as Potterheads. Those who are in the fandom have obviously read all the books multiple times, and seen all the movies too. Potterheads will almost always have an account on Pottermore, which along with Tumblr is where you will find most Potterheads. Pottermore is hailed as ‘the digital heart of the Wizarding world’, and is a website where you can be sorted into your appropriate Hogwarts House, take various trivia quizzes, and also discover what your Patronus is!


Of course reading is something that most fantasy fans will list as their number one hobby. Book are, after all, where most fantasy material originates. You are sure to find any fantasy fan with a home library full of fantasy books, both new and old.


Whovians are those who belong to the Dr. Who fandom; with many fantasy fans identifying as part of this group –it is a popular fandom. The television series Dr. Who was revived in 2005 from its long stretch in the 1980s. It’s revival brought with it a new generation of fantasy fans who got hooked on Dr. Who. The Sci-Fi show has got some elements of fantasy in it, and has won a total of 30 BAFTAs since it’s 2005 remake. The television show has a hefty 2.7 million followers on Facebook, proving to be incredibly popular worldwide.

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