Hybrid Footwear Crosskix Review

When I first saw Crosskix shoes I thought Crocs had come out with another version. And, judge me all you want, but Crocs are comfy and I totally rock them on occasion (read: more than I care to public admit). These shoes are the solution for those of us who want to go on a hike and have the comfort of a foamy cloud. And while when it came to our Crosskix review at first we were a little skeptical, but quickly our mind changed! Consider these skeptics turned fans.

crosskix, crosskix shoe review


Crosskix – The Story

When I thought that the Crosskix was a version of Crocs, I wasn’t too far off from the real story. Though not a Crocs product, Crosskix was developed to fill the need of an athletically functional shoe in foam composite footwear. The idea is simple: a shoe that everyone from all ages would be proud to wear (read: you will public admit how much you love them) with the athletic features and functionality that other sneakers on the market.


Our Thoughts…

You know by now that we live pretty busy lives over here at The Fairytale Traveler. We run across airports and through terminals trying to not miss our flights, we hike on the weekends with our cute dogs, and we are always on the go! It is hard for shoes to keep up with us, which is why we didn’t have a whole lot of expectations with these guys. But boy were we wrong!

crosskix, crosskix shoe review

They are comfortable and durable, while still giving you enough pizzazz to make a statement with the bright colors. We were a little worried about how comfortable they would be in a sport setting and again, we were proved wrong. The whole time we gave them a spin we were diggin’ the happiness coming from our feet.


Special thanks to Crosskix for sending the product for us to review. 

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