5 Of My Favorite Fall Outfit Ideas from Pinterest 2021

Summer has ended, together with the season devoted to showing how good you look with the least amount of clothes, and now the layer lover season starts – Fall!


It is the perfect season to show the world what you can do with your wardrobe as cozy, comfy, and warm favorite fall outfit ideas begin to fill up the streets. However, as a rule, with the new season comes the headache of what to wear.


Even if your closet is filled to the brim with fall clothes, you might still need that inspiration and help to put the clothes together. I know I do.


And in the moments when inspiration is lacking, I like to turn to Pinterest. You can find endless outfit ideas there, and endless really do mean endless.


There are so many outfit ideas that your head might start spinning from looking at them all, and to help you not lose it in that vast majority of choices; I will share 5 of my favorite fall outfit ideas for this 2021 season that I found on Pinterest.


Let’s start planning our fall runway together!




My Favorite Fall Outfit Ideas

 #1 Cut Up Light Denim Skinny Jeans with Oversized Sweater in Navy Blue and Tan Heels 


Jeans are always in fashion, and the 2021 Fall season is no exception. They are comfortable, easily styled, and functional. What else would you need from a pair of pants?


The outfit that cached my eye on Pinterest pairs distressed jeans with an oversized sweater in navy blue, you still have that summer glow, and the weather is not that harsh, so show it off with that off-shoulder sweater.


No need to hide your body all the way yet. And, pairing it with tan heels or boots surely adds some elegance to an otherwise casual look.


A look inspired by this pin will be cute and comfortable, all that you might need on that fall evening when grabbing a coffee with your friends.




#2 Tan Beanie Hat with Comfy Sweater and Black Leggings Plus Giant Tote Bag


2021 favorite fall outfit ideas are all about those big bags; Balenciaga and Fendi made a statement with the biggest bags in their fall fashions shows and made them the season’s best accessory.


Pair the statement bag with a comfortable sweater and simple black leggings, and you are ready. Your bag is already a statement piece, so no needs to overdo it.


But adding that cute beanie hat will add a layer that will elevate your outfit without adding too much, stay comfortable, warm, and stylish when running errands around the city.




#3 Dark Denim with Grey Tank and Grey Flannel Plus Tan Booties


Another favorite fall outfit idea is flannel. Flannel is never out of style in fall. That is just the way it is. Like pumpkin spice latte’s are what everyone starts to crave as soon as the 1st of September is marked on a calendar; it’s the same with flannel.


This Pinterest post is precisely that classical, never-out-of-style outfit you need to be able to create from your wardrobe, and if you can not do that, you must get those missing pieces right now.


It is simple, comfortable, and has those layers for a warm fall evening, and that is why I love it so much. All the clothing pieces can be styled many times during the fall and are essential.


You might see the trend here with those tan booties, so you should really add them to your favorite fall outfit ideas. They are cute and fit with dark or blue jeans and pants, so the styling possibilities are endless.




#4 Tan Jacket with Grey Hoodie, Black Jeans, and White Tennis Shoes


When the weather becomes less welcoming for those lighter outfits, coats, and jackets, come to the rescue!


As mentioned, fall is the best season for layering and comfort, so styling a cute classical tan coat with a grey hoodie creates a stunning look, as you can see in this post.


Casual clothes are fashionable clothes, and you do not need to sacrifice your comfort for fashion anymore.


Put on a pair of black jeans and those bright white tennis shoes, and you are ready to meet your friends at a park, without any worries of getting cold. That coat will be there for you and keep you warm!


Do not be afraid of white shoes, they may look intimidating, but they will always take the outfit to the next level. This is why I love fall and sharing my favorite fall outfit ideas.


No need to spend a ton if you have those staple clothes in your wardrobe; if not, adding a few will go a long way this season!


favorite fall outfit ideas


#5 Knitted Long Sleeve Cardigan with White Tank, Relaxed Light Denim


I will not surprise you with this outfit choice, but… layers all the way! A white tank top is a classical choice, and pairing it with an oversized grey cardigan creates a true outfit masterpiece.


It is simple, easy to pull off for everyone, and is just so cute. I know that before, my choices catered for those skinny jeans’ lovers, but this one is for all those who love that mom or boyfriend jean moments.


It looks good, feels good, and is that good. This outfit will work for that coffee date, running errands, going to the park, or simply to the mall, it is versatile in all the possible ways, and you must add this one to your favorite fall outfit ideas list!


And that is all, my favorite five Pinterest outfits for this fall, but let’s talk about those accessories too.


I already mentioned that the big bag trend is sweeping all the runways worldwide, but let’s not forget other additions that can elevate your outfits even more. This is the accessory time!


Even though summer has ended, do not put your sunglasses into a box, the sun is still out there to get you, and your delicate skin around your eyes will surely be thankful that you keep a pair close by.


Just like in summer, sunglasses can become your best accessory, so wear them!


And you will look amazing wearing these favorite fall outfit ideas, and you will surely want to take many selfies. What better way to capture the moment than with your trusty phone?


Since we are talking fashion, we highly recommend getting a phone case to match your favorite fall outfit ideas! Endless options and designs are waiting for you, so make sure that your pictures feature a phone case with a design worth being on a runway.


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