Mermaid Vibes Bundle Giveaway Worth $400 of Pure Magic Begins Nov 1

This giveaway was made possible by the following brand partners, Wendy Mignot, Swig, Karma Gifts, Par Avion Tea, Hallu, Kadina, Faerie Magazine, Xcentz. Other items are paid for with our own cold hard cash. Affiliate links are in this post at no cost to the consumer. This is a giveaway, but should you want to purchase something, that’s what they are there for.


I am insanely excited to bring you this mermaid giveaway! I have spent weeks working on this giveaway to bring you something super fun before the holidays start stressing us all out. I’ve partnered with three of my favorite blogging babes and some amazing product partners to make this bundle super extra. It’s entirely themed off The Fairytale Traveler’s Mermaid Gift Guide, and it is AMAZING!


You can find all the ways to enter in the giveaway widget at the bottom of this post. Be sure to check in daily to our Instagram feeds so you can catch our Instagram stories where we’re unboxing some of the items in the giveaway from now until November 15th!


Enter to win this ultimate mermaid giveaway


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You can find us here:

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mermaid giveaway


Check Out the Products in this Magical Mermaid Giveaway



Mermaid giveaway

I’m obsessed with the Mermaid Shimmer Swig wine tumbler! OBSESSED! This insulated 6 oz champagne flute has a PBA free lid, is made of stainless steel and is sweat free! Check out SwigLife for more pretty tumblers!

@SwigLife #swiglife


mermaid, gift guideThis pink mermaid tea steeps in hot pink! It’s made with apple & elderberry loose leaf tea with berries and hibiscus. Check out Par Avion Tea for more fun flavors!

 @paraviontea #paraviontea #pinktea


mermaid, gift guideI swear by plastic cups with straws when I’m by the pool or even at my desk. I love this tail one!




Mermaids are eco-friendly and you should be too! This reusable water bottle is perfect for the mermaid on the go! Keeping cold drinks cold or hot beverages hot for up to 12 hours, these sturdy drink bottles hold up to 16 ounces and are 10.5′ from top to bottom so they pack away nicely into your backpack or handbag – ready to take with you wherever you go. Check out Karma Gifts for more fun products like this!

@karmagifts #karmagifts


mermaid, gift guide71oc8sS 78L. SL1500

I’m obsessed with this Kadina rainbow utensil set. THESE COLORS!!!! Why not dress up your dining table with our stunning kitchen cutlery? These luxurious knives, spoons, and forks have multicolor design and a smooth, ergonomic feel. Comprised of stainless steel, this 20 piece flatware set is durable and high-quality.


81l67KfMANL. SL1500

And a matching loose leaf tea infuser from Kadina as well!


@kadinahomeware #kadinahomeware


41yqow%2BDTOL. SL1000If you’re going to have to carry around a backup charger, it may as well be in mermaid blue right? This Xcentz portable backup charger has 3350mAh and a built-in flashlight. Chic and pretty.


615VFQQX2JL. SL1000

Xcentz Genuine Leather Case for iPhone X. This case is made of genuine leather from America and is comfortable, soft to the touch while protecting the phone in style. It has individual metal buttons – Anodized aluminum buttons are non-corrosive with a satisfying tactile feedback, as well as a perfect fit & wireless charging, screen & camera protection when laid on a flat surface, and microfiber lining which prevents scratches when taking the phone in or out. 


mermaid, gift guideThese phone ring holders are super pretty. And really useful too. I haven’t dropped my phone since having one.





This Wendy Mignot Coastal Single Freshwater Pearl Necklace is an actual gem from the sea! Perfect for the neckline of any mermaid no doubt! Get your exclusive $15 off promo code here BVFAIRY15 The Coastal Single Freshwater Pearl Necklace is classically chic; the perfect design to begin your Wendy Mignot Collection. Check out more of Wendy’s amazing collections at Wendy Mignot.


@WendyPearls #wendypearls





Be happy! This ring bowl is great for all your jewelry and mermaid flare! This inspirational expression is on a gold trimmed, handcrafted bowl with an iridescent glaze. Find more styles on Karma Gifts!

Mermaid giveaway

This beautiful mermaid market tote will keep you magical whether you’re running errands or hitting the beach. It has a webbed handle for strength with gold accent prints on both sides.
Find more designs at Karma Gifts.
@karmagifts #karmagifts

mermaid, gift guide


I love this book from the editors of Faerie Magazine! It was sent to me last year. I love the way it looks in my sunroom, and everyone picks it up to have a look.


@faeriemagazine #themermaidhandbook



mermaid, gift guide


If you can’t be a mermaid, at least crawl inside a mermaid blanket and pretend.



mermaid bath bomb product

These bath bombs by Hallu smell AMAZING!

mermaid sea spray lotion product

I love the branding on the Mermaid Sea Spray Lotion.

mermaid scrub product

The Mermaid Scrub is all a mermaid needs in the tub!


mermaid body mist product

And finish with the Mermaid Body Mist to be all day ocean fresh! Find more magical bath products at Hallu.


@halluescape #halluescape


Enter to win this ultimate mermaid giveaway


The Mermaid Giveaway! ENTER NOW!


From November 1st through the 15th, you have a chance to win this magical mermaid bundle! Entering to win is super easy. Just follow the steps in the widget. The more entries you have the more of a chance you have to win! And be sure to share so your friends can have a chance to win this magical mermaid giveaway too! You must be 18 years or older to enter and live in the United States.


And don’t forget to follow us bloggers so you can see our unboxings and catch more of our fun giveaways! Sending all the mermaid vibes your way!



Mermaid Vibes Giveaway

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