The Cat that Makes Our Little Family Big + Sweepstakes

After learning about how to pick cat food for your special feline, be sure to read to the bottom for the sweepstakes. Nowadays there are so many different members of the family unit. As a single mom to one little boy, it’s very special having our pets around to complete the family. My son has always wanted a sibling, and for the last eight years Lyle (our Maine Coon) has been just that. Having acquired him from a rescue center at 10 weeks old in 2006, Lyle has been a part of this family for 10 amazing years. With eight of those years being alongside my only son, a special bond has formed. I wouldn’t have this family dynamic any other way. Caring for Lyle has taught my son a great deal of responsibility and the importance of lending a helping hand in a house where there’s only one adult. Lyle certainly brings a lot to this family which is why I’m picky about the food I give him. That’s why when I think about how to pick cat food, I look for something to be affordable and healthy. 
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How to Pick Cat Food for Your #1 Feline

There are so many cat food brands on the market, it’s easy to get overwhelmed by all the choices. When making the right choice three things have always been important to me – affordability, quality and nutrition. For years, I have chosen Meow Mix® over other brands. It’s proven to be a food choice that won’t dent my wallet and still provides the nutrition Lyle needs to be an active and healthy indoor cat. The quality of what I put in my own body is so important to me and nothing changes when it comes to my cat. I am so happy to have found a product that I know is good for him and that I can afford without any hesitation.

I especially love that this brand has always understood the special relationship between cats and their people families. When the Bistro Recipes Cat Food came out, I was excited to try something new from a brand I trust. Lyle loves chicken so, I of course went with the Bistro Recipes cat food Rotisserie Chicken Flavor which he devoured. It’s so funny actually, since starting him on the Bistro Recipes, he now waits on my nightstand for his meal before he’s even completely done, as if he can’t even stand being without his favorite food.  Lyle has such a special personality, I couldn’t imagine life without him. Waking up to his morning cuddles, watching him do his silly little stretch or just seeing him balled up in a big pile of fur has encouraged me on many occasions to stop and take a break during long days of writing. It’s important to give him the best and to know he’s happy with his meals. I think he’s a pretty happy little fur ball to say the least.

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Do you agree that cats make the house a home? What makes your cat special? Leave a comment and tell me what you love most about your cat and you will be entered to win a $100 Visa gift card!  

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  1. I don’t have a cat because of allergies. My brother in law has 2 cats and he adores them.

    mami2jcn at gmail dot com

    grandgiveaways / Reply
  2. tweet–

    grandgiveaways / Reply
  3. A cat makes a house a home and I have always had a cat since growing up. My Mom loved cats and my cat is so funny. She loves to have her belly rubbed and sleep by me when I am watching TV. She is such a cuddler!

    Julie Wood / Reply
  4. Tweet-

    Julie Wood / Reply
  5. A cat surely can make a home a home! My cat acts more like a dog. She even goes on walks with me on a leash!

    Natalie / Reply
  6. Yes! I agree that cats make house a home. I have two adorable cats

    Elena / Reply
  7. I like how our cat just wants love and attention.

    Jessica To / Reply
  8. My cat is special because he acts like a dog.

    Will G / Reply
  9. Yes, I agree. My cat is special because he will sit with us and he is very good with the kids.

    Kelly D / Reply
  10. No cat here.. I’m definitely a dog person. I can see how a cat can make someone’s home a home though

    groogruxking40 @ gmail dot com

    Steve Weber / Reply
  11. Cats SO make a house a home! I have two cats and they are so special to me they are like family and I smother love them.

    heather / Reply
  12. My cat is my world. He is my constant companion.

    tat2gurlzrock / Reply
  13. I agree that a cat makes a house a home. Something unique about my cat is that he takes walks around the block with my husband and I (on a leash of course).

    Rachel / Reply
  14. I don’t have a cat yet, but soon.

    Mita / Reply
  15. We adopted our cat from a shelter and the moment I held him I knew he would be coming home with us.. He’s always purring and cuddling up to everyone. My favorite thing is that he’s my daughter’s partner in crime. They’re always together getting into everything they can touch

    liszette / Reply
  16. My cat is special because she has the brightest and innocent eyes.
    tcarolinep at gmail dot com

    Jessie C. / Reply
  17. tweet-

    Jessie C. / Reply
  18. Our kitty just appeared on our doorstep one day. She was young, and for the most part a feral cat, though she obviously had some introduction to domestic life. She is unique because of her 1/2 feral 1/2 domestic qualities. She has to be the hungriest kitty as she wants to eat all the time just about it seems. We feed her well and she has really grown. She has adopted our home as her home and sleeps under the porch at night. She is smart and cautious, Winter is here and it is cold, but we do not know how well she would adapt to indoor potty training etc. We will just have to see what we can do for her.

    Sheila Vives / Reply
  19. Sheila Vives / Reply
  20. Even though I’m allergic our cats Booster and Bandit(twins) make our life so happy. The cuddles, the sweet silly things they do.
    When we have rough days coming home to a meow is the best!

    maroshay / Reply
  21. This is so sweet! We love our cat!

    Sara @ Get Mom Balanced / Reply
  22. Mary Fagans / Reply
  23. I have 4 kitties who all hold a different but special place in my heart. They all make our house a home & to me, a house isn’t a home without at least one or two kitties. My kitties are very good listeners & they always cheer me up when I feel down!! <3

    Mary Fagans / Reply
  24. I can agree with you that cats make a house a home. I have one mamá cat and her three kittens, although they are already 7 months old. They are my babies. It’s so hard letting them go to strangers. But I sure do love my cats and I agree that they are a big part of my family.

    Daniela Tapia / Reply
  25. I do not have a cat, but any pet makes a house a home.

    Lisa Brown / Reply
  26. tweet-

    Lisa Brown / Reply
  27. Yes cat’s make a home. my cat is playful – he just loves to chase any ball and it is hilarious.

    Elizabeth / Reply
  28. My cat loves laying next to me and playing with her ball.

    Susan Smith / Reply
  29. Sadly I don’t have a cat right now because we found out my husband is allergic. However, my sister has two cats that I spoil rotten and love to play with. I love how gentle they are with my toddler and how patient they are as she “pets” them.

    Chrissy / Reply
  30. Chrissy / Reply

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