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I remember when I first moved to my new hometown of Sarasota, Florida. I found myself spending all of my free time exploring the coast in the most unconventional fashion. I would sit on my tablet, pull up Google Maps, and select the satellite option so I could see the bluest of blue coastlines. Then, I would get in my car and go. I was hitting a new spot every day -driving right past the large parking lots and beach boardwalks to the mangrove-lined soft shoulders of unknown coves. I was in search of the most secluded beaches.

To my delight, I discovered a few solid city-funded trails that led through winding mangrove tunnels. I found solitude in the shade, and comfort in the crinkling sound of the fiddler crabs as they scurried into their holes at the sound of my footsteps. Every turn was more intriguing than the last as I followed the sound of the gentle waves. I knew I was getting close because the fiddler crabs were in the thousands. Then finally, there it was. I was spit out of the mangrove tunnel right onto the softest, whitest sand my toes ever disturbed. The aqua blue tide quietly rolled past a giant curious great blue heron. I could see a few barrier islands to the north, but not a human in sight.

My curiosity hasn’t stopped there. Ever since I began exploring the most secluded beaches in my home state, I couldn’t help but research the world’s most secluded beaches. So I decided to begin a log of everything I have come upon. In part, so I can share it with you, and in part, so I can remember! I decided to call it “Mermaid Beaches”, because if you were ever to run into a mermaid, this is where it would happen. In the world’s most beautiful, unspoiled, most secluded beaches.

Fernando de Noronha Islands, Brazil

These breathtaking islands are located near the east coast of Brazil. The volcanic archipelago, which has 21 islands, is known for its beaches and crystal clear waters. These islands are an ideal destination for an escapade, and only four hundred visitors can visit the islands at the same time. The islands are part of a national marine park, which means that the beaches are kept clean to prevent contamination and all the marine wildlife is protected. If you manage to visit these islands, do not miss the opportunity to dive in the transparent, rippling waters and then relax on a virgin beach. Spend an afternoon exploring the islands and diving, where you will be able to see dolphins, schools of colorful fish and coral reefs.


Koh Rong, Cambodia

This island off the coast of mainland Cambodia is the ideal place for a relaxing beach break, especially if you are already planning to explore South East Asia. Deserted beaches, traditional villages filled with wooden houses, and the absence of traffic are some of the island’s main attractions. There is limited development on the island, where instead of massive resorts and fast-food restaurants you will get beach bungalows and seaside joints selling fresh fish and other authentic local delicacies. Diving, mountain biking, and trekking can all be enjoyed on this island, known for its landscapes and clean, near humanless beaches.


La Digue, Seychelles

Many call these islands the “Paradise on Earth”, and they are not far from being it. White sands, secluded beaches, crystal clear waters -these islands are an ideal destination for a relaxing vacation. La Digue is less busy than the larger and busier Mahé. Book a relaxing holiday on this island, where bicycles are the substitutes for cars. Azure waters and silver sands are all you will find on this island, where diving is one of the most popular activities. Take one of the traditional boats out to sea to enjoy the sunset over the horizon.


Whitehaven, Australia

This untouched region of the Whitsunday Islands in Australia is known for its pristine beaches and turquoise-blue waters. The beaches are definitely a must-see, and they are considered to be the most photographed beaches in the region of Queensland. In order to keep this area’s natural beauty, there are only three ways to visit the island. The first one is by taking a ferry for a day trip, an ideal plan if you want to spend a day in the warm waters. The second one is to rent a boat on one of the nearby islands, sail to Whitehaven and anchor the boat on one coast of the island. The third option is to stay at the only campsite on the island, on the southern tip of the beach.


Stump Pass Beach, Boca Grande, Florida

A Florida local’s secret. This state nature preserve is teaming with wildlife. Hike a trail along this state park so narrow that you can view the Gulf of Mexico on both sides. Take short (and I do mean a few feet) jaunts to tiny private coves where you can jump into the blue-green water. This narrow most southern point of Manasota Key ends in a wide coastal beach home to stumps of old trees that stay in the water. They have been there so long that the seashells have adorned the turned up roots. An unusual sight and remarkable to see. Learn more about Florida State Parks here.


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  1. A great read…makes me long to live near the beach.

    Belinda Dathe / Reply
  2. Some great beaches – love the rocks in the Seychelles, a place I always wanted to go.
    Hey, fairies don’t usually hang out at beaches 😉
    Frank (bbqboy)

    Frank / Reply
  3. Hi Christa.
    Thank you for showing us these marvellous destinations. Of course you could forgive anyone for being awestruck by these magical places, but you and I share something in common, we both share the same attraction to the unique secluded beauty our planet has to offer. I sincerely believe that there are only a rare few people who seek this oneness with nature; in particular, a beauty that can only be found in such remote places as you have shown. I emphasise this point because there are so many people who prefer snow capped mountains or fiery volcano pits. To me, the ocean holds one of the greatest mysteries known to man. It can be b

    Pete scrimizzi / Reply
    • I am and always will be connected to the ocean. However, I love landscape and the great outdoors. I feel refreshed whether I’m hiking in misty mountains along breathtaking vistas, or in mangrove trails along the ocean. To me nature is the most exciting. Everything from there follows suite.

  4. Both extremely violent and breathtakingly beautiful at the same time. My wife and I plan to visit as many of these secluded oceanic locations before our time is up, and you are one lucky person indeed to have visited these gems. I am from Australia so many of these isolated and remote places are literally on our doorstep. I would love to visit pamalican island, Seychelles, Maldives, French Polynesia and our own lizard island and masthead island. The Brazilian location you mentioned above looks absolutely gorgeous. I guess you can only see so much in one lifetime. Thank you and good luck with your future endeavours.

    Pete scrimizzi / Reply
  5. By the way, to be more concise in what I mean about what separates people like us from other people… What I really meant to describe is that people in general… Holiday seekers/vacationers and the like. I have found through my own experiences when asking people about what they enjoy about the ocean… It’s more about the “material” qualities of the oceanic landscape. When I said “oneness with nature” I meant that ” spiritual” connection with those secluded niches; Not just how it all looks to the eye. The meaning is much more deeper…at one with the cosmos……

    Pete scrimizzi / Reply
  6. Do you feel the same experience when you visit these places?

    Pete scrimizzi / Reply

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