Mom’s Corner

Hey guys, I am so glad you stopped in here -like so glad. This is my freedom zone, the place where I can rant and rave, dream and share, and even teach others how they can pursue their passions through writing. This is what keeps me sane when I am holed up beneath a stack of research notes, following up on emails, keeping up with deadlines, and finding ways to entertain my intrepid little adventurer. This is where you will get to know The Fairytale Traveler as Christa Thompson, the zombie loving, fairytale dreaming, adventure and travel junkie.

So many times I am inspired by other travelers or I learn something new about myself and this beautiful world -and I just can’t wait to get out my laptop so I can share it with you. Creativity and inspiration are random, but you’ll find it here. Just special little things I pick up along the way, from my heart to yours.