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It’s a creative, fantastic, and exciting approach to trip planning. It’s a way to connect with your children and even your inner child by exploring the places that are the catalyst to the greatest stories ever told. It can even be a romantic adventure, or even enriching for the solo-traveler. Here at the Fairytale Traveler, we spend countless hours researching and interviewing experts to find destinations, hotels, cabins, tours, historic sites, and pre-historic sites where the memory of fascinating tales and legends are remembered.



Ever wonder what a real pirate treasure chest looks like? Maybe you’ve always dreamed of sleeping in an actual castle from medieval times. Perhaps legends of the unseen are more your speed, like the fairies of the megalithic tombs in Ireland. From Vikings to Robin Hood and every Grimm fairy tale in between, we are taking you on an unbelievable adventure around the world.

Looking for something with a little more edge? Check out our favorite creepy places like haunted hotels, historic witch trial destinations, and our upcoming American Outlaws series. We’ve even been to a Zombie Apocalypse in the U.K.

Second edition of Grimms' Fairytales – two volumes (1819) in Kassel Photo Andreas Berthel © Stadt Kassel - Kulturamt

The Brothers Grimm

Journey with the Fairytale Traveler to the historic places of the Brothers Grimm. Are you a Grimm T.V. series fan? Why not check out the real Grimm fairy tales and the places that inspired their timeless tales. Explore the Black Forest of Germany where Little Red Riding Hood went to Grandmother’s house and where Hansel and Gretel defeated an evil witch.

Sarehole Mill by middleearthnews.com edited by Christa Thompson

Sarehole Mill by middleearthnews.com edited by Christa Thompson


If you read the Lord of the Rings, The Hobbit, and The Silmarillion all before the movies were released, then you’re just the right fan for our Mapping Middle Earth on Earth posts. Over the last two years, Editor in Chief, Christa Thompson has been diligently interviewing professors like Dr. Terry Gunnell at the University of Iceland and the President of the Burren Tolkien Society, Peter Curtain to uncover the places that inspired Middle Earth. From Iceland to Ireland, South Africa, the U.K., and Switzerland, Middle Earth is one of the most iconic fantasy worlds of all time, and we’re on a mission to see it all first hand.

Chateau Fontainebleau id is just one of the many inspirations for Disney Land's Sleeping Beauty Castle.

Chateau Fontainebleau id is just one of the many inspirations for Disney Land’s ‘Sleeping Beauty’s Castle’

Classic Disney Movies

Did you know that ten different castles inspired Disney Land’s ‘Sleeping Beauty’s Castle’? How about the real castle in Germany which claims its ties to the famous fairy tale? Many of the classic Disney movies were based on old fairy tales from around the world. Uncover the real Snow White Village in Germany, find Pinocchio in Italy, and the legend of Mulan in China. You can even explore an African Safari like the Lion King. Love Frozen? Take a trip to Norway and see the places that inspired the most profitable animated movie of all time.

Pirate treasure Museum Photo by Christa Thompson

The St. Augustine Pirate Treasure Museum Photo by Christa Thompson

American Folklore, Cool History and Legends

America is filled with folklore and legends that have inspired the greatest American tales ever told. From the moonshine folklore in the Appalachian Mountains to the cowboys and Indians of the wild west, America is filled with adventure. Trace the Pirates of the Caribbean along the eastern seaboard, visit historic hotels where Bonnie and Clyde once stayed, you can even relive the Legend of Sleepy Hollow in New York. From coast to coast, to the mountain peaks, America is teeming with adventure trails just waiting to be explored.

Snaefellsnes, on the ring road to Vik where legends of Icelandic Elves are many.

Snaefellsnes, on the ring road to Vik where legends of Icelandic Elves are many.

Norse Mythology

Dig deep into the roots of modern-day blockbusters like the Lord of the Rings, The Hobbit, hit T.V. series like Game of Thrones, Vikings and comic book legends like the Marvel Universe characters Thor and Loki and you will find that it is all inspired by Norse Mythology. From the Poetic Edda of the Volsunga Saga in Iceland, across the U.K. and Scandanavia, where stones over 1,000 years old are carved in Sigurd the Dragon Slayer’s name, the legends of Norse Mythology are rich in legacy and echo in modern-day tales.

MEDIUM FEATURE PHOTO Poulnabrone Dolmen in the Burren

The Poulnabrone Dolmen in the Burren along Ireland’s west coast. One of the many megalithic sites thought of as entrances to the “other world” where fairies live.

Celtic Mythology

Celtic Pagans were among the last to be converted to Christianity as Ireland, England and Scotland were so hard to physically reach many years ago. Visit sacred and mysterious sites in Ireland, England, and Scotland, some dating back further than the pyramids. The mysteries of these sites go unexplained today and remain as an earthbound reminder of the things we can not see.

Alcazar of Seville, Game of Thrones newest filming location.

Alcazar of Seville, Game of Thrones newest filming location.

Game of Thrones

Die-hard Game of Thrones fans will love following the film locations of the mega-hit T.V. series. Explore the game of Thrones Territory in Northern Ireland, and other scenic locations like Iceland, Croatia, Malta, and Spain. Game of Thrones is based on the Song of Fire and Ice series by George R.R. Martin.

Explore pieces of York, U.K. where Vikings invaded hundreds of years ago and once called it Jorvik.

Explore pieces of York, the U.K. where Vikings invaded its shores hundreds of years ago and once called it Jorvik.

Viking Places

What would a fairy tale lover do without a good Viking obsession? Explore the places of real Viking Age people dating back some 2,000 years to Northern Europe and Scandinavia.

Gargoyles at Notre Dame in Paris.

Gargoyles at Notre Dame in Paris.

Medieval Places

Most of our fairy tale legends are based in the medieval period. Knights in shining armor and flawless princesses take center stage in medieval times. European castles with gargoyle flare are reminders of the way things were when knights battled dragons and queens tried witches. Explore Europe’s most medieval castles and villages from castle hotels, to museums and every torture device between.

Along the Megalithic Route in the Netherlands, thought to be the tomb of a giant.

Along the Megalithic Route in the Netherlands, thought to be the tomb of a giant.

Fairy Sites and Mythical Creatures

In later Irish and English Folklore, sacred megalithic sites are thought of by some to be the entrances to the “Other World” where fairies live and no one ever grows old. Some megalithic sites in northern Europe are thought of as the tombs of giants. There are traces of mythical creatures all over the world, even in places we have yet to explore. Whether you’re looking for elves in Iceland or sea monsters in Cyprus, these places are real and the legends of these creatures are very much alive.


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