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5 Things To Know About Luggage Storage In London

If you are visiting London this year for a quick day trip either by rail or flight, you’ll need to store your luggage for the day. Luggage storage in London is absolutely necessary if you don’t have a hotel or home to store your things.


Surely, you won’t be carting your bags around while you explore Piccadilly Circus or get some pictures of Tower Bridge. London has so many iconic places where you can spend your time. You don’t want the hassle of tying your hands up.


Luggage storage in London is not that hard to come by. Many people find themselves with a layover or stop in this world-famous city. And if you don’t know, London has a lot of ground to cover.


You definitely need luggage storage in London. So, keep reading to find out more about how to store your luggage in London and what you should consider before settling on a vendor.

luggage storage in London

Luggage Storage in London

You already know it’s important to store your luggage in London when you’re walking around. Luckily, it’s not hard to find luggage storage in London.


Here’s what you should consider when looking for luggage storage in London (or anywhere for that matter).


How Many Locations Do They Have?

When sorting luggage storage in London, you first must ask, “How many locations do they have?”


Let’s say you’ve checked out of your hotel, and you’ll fly back to your home country later that day. In the meantime, though, you have your bags with you. You decide you’ll spend some time in a beautiful park that’s by the restaurants where you ate breakfast.


You can make the most of your day by conveniently using luggage storage in London that stores your belongings in close proximity. You can only do that, though, if you find an entity that will take your luggage and they have a location close by.


You shouldn’t use one of these companies if they only have a couple of locations where you can safely stow your bags. Look for one that has dozens or even hundreds of places where you can put those big suitcases and other carry-ons that you’re lugging around with you.

luggage storage in London

Do They Offer an Insurance Policy?

When considering luggage storage in London, you should look on the luggage storage company’s website or app and determine whether they offer an insurance policy on the bags that you leave with them. The better entities will always insure the bags that you hand over.


You might have clothing you like very much in that bag. Maybe you have some watches or jewelry in there. Maybe you have some that you brought from home, or perhaps you bought some in London, and you’re taking it home with you.


No matter what you have in those bags, you’ll feel better leaving them for a while if you know you have insurance on them. Look at the policy the company offers and decide whether you think it’s sufficient.

luggage storage in London

Do They Have Many Positive Reviews?

Seems like a no-brainer but, before settling on a vendor for luggage storage in London, be sure to check their reviews. You should check out the various luggage storage entities in London.


You will likely find a few competing ones. If so, which one should you use? It’s an important consideration as your things are valuable and should be protected.


You can look online and see what kinds of reviews each entity has. You should use one that has many five-star reviews. This shows that people liked the service this company gave them.


You should also see whether you can locate any negative reviews. Make sure to read those ones.


If you can find some reviews that say this company lost their bags or damaged them in any way, you shouldn’t use them. Other companies probably offer the same services, and some might have a better reputation.

luggage storage in London

Do They Have a Fully Interactive App and Website?

Before you make your choice for luggage storage in London, you should also look at the company’s app or website that you’ll use before handing over your bags.


Every entity like this needs an app and website in 2023. Virtually all companies have them, and you need that convenience to utilize these services.


You might use the website and schedule a luggage drop-off from your hotel room before you check out. If you have a laptop with you on your travels, you can use the full website in your hotel, assuming it has Wi-Fi. Most hotels have it these days.


If you’re already on the go when you arrange for a luggage drop-off, you can use the company’s app instead. They should have one that’s easy to download and utilize.


It should show you the locations where you can drop off your bags. It should show how much that costs and how much insurance you get per bag.


The best baggage-storing entities in London will have a site and app with excellent UX. That’s how you can tell that they care about their clients and their needs.

luggage storage in London

Do They Have 24-7 Luggage Access?

When deciding where to store luggage in London, you should look at whether these entities have 24-7 bag access as well. Maybe you decide that you’ll go pub hopping before you check into the hotel. You do not want to carry your bags around with you, though.


In that scenario, it’s probably already evening when you drop off the bags. Maybe it’s past midnight when you pick them up and head to the hotel.


If so, you need a company that stores your bags and will have someone there to give you those bags at all hours. You might need to grab that luggage from where you stowed it in the middle of the night if you have a flight that’s leaving right then.


You should also look at reviews to see whether the company’s employees always demonstrate a helpful attitude when you deal with them. You don’t want a company that has surly or unhelpful workers.


You’re dropping off your bags with this entity, but you may also need some advice from the workers. Maybe you don’t know your way around the city at all, and you might ask them about the public transportation options or something similar.


You should use a company that not only takes your bags and stores them safely but can also give you some helpful advice as you’re moving around in a city you don’t know. If the employees can give you some tips, you will feel that you’re dealing with a reputable entity, and you’ll likely use them again.


You can give them a positive review if you liked their service. These bag storage entities can help you a great deal during any upcoming London trip you’ve scheduled.


When storing your luggage in London, you should look for a company that has multiple locations, offers an insurance policy, has many positive reviews, has a fully interactive app and website, and has 24-7 luggage access with helpful and friendly employees.


By considering these factors, you can find reputable and reliable luggage storage in London that can make your trip more convenient and enjoyable.

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