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Keep on Trekking With These Road Trip Must Haves

Going on a road trip this season? You might be asking yourself which adventure essentials you need for your perfect trek. 


This article gives you the lowdown on the road trip essentials which will keep you traveling. Ready for an adventure? Here is what you ought to pack for the road.


Road trips are the best fun you can have with your clothes on. They take you through magical trails, up mountains, over hills, and down into the deepest valleys. Seeing the land speed past you is therapeutic.


It is adventurous. Road trips are the best modern exploration method available to us. However, there is a right way and a wrong way to complete your next adventure successfully, comfortably, and safely.


Here are a few of the vital elements you should pack if you want your trip to go smoothly. We’ve got a few adventure essentials you definitely need for your next road trip!

adventure essentials

8 Adventure Essentials for the Road Trip Lover

Breaking it Down: What You Need for the Road

While you travel, it is important that you set aside the things you need to maintain good mental and physical health on the road. This means going back to the fundamentals of living and accounting for each potential problem.


Adventure essentials include the basics as well as some additional things that will help you on your way. Even the most basic things can be forgotten. 


You will need to eat and to eat you need both the food and the utensils, as well as somewhere to cook. You will need clothing and that clothing will need washing. You will need to wash your body and your bedding. 


Adventure essentials include somewhere to sleep and something to sleep in. You will either need a portable toilet or be unashamed of going in the wild.


Additionally, you will need technical gear in case you break down. You may want a breakdown cover, too. You will have to provide somewhere to charge your phone as this is a safety issue.


Any other adventure essentials you take with you except your first aid kit are a bonus. Don’t forget the essentials!

adventure essentials

Tackling the Vital Elements of Road Trip Travel and Adventure Essentials

Now that we have identified the areas of concern, it is easier to tackle them. Here are some more ideas for adventure essentials that will help you along the way.


Buy food and water before you leave and as you travel. Always store extra water in case of a breakdown. A small portable camping stove can help you with cooking.


You might also invest in a portable generator and an electric hob. The generator is a great idea because it lets you power your phone, your digital devices, and even luxury items like a portable cooler.


For clothing and washing, you can buy pocket-sized washing machines which allow you to wash clothes with soap and water. You can also buy travel soap which helps wash clothes by hand.


For your sleeping arrangement adventure essentials, pack a sleeping bag, extra sheets, and blankets. If you can, add a duvet to your back seat. Think about sleeping in your car if you can, if not, then take a tent with you.


If you need a bathroom you can stop at gas stations, or you can invest in a portable toilet. Either option solves the issue. You will need to go in the wild if you do not opt for the porta-potty and you sleep in the tent.


You should have the basic adventure essentials to help yourself if your car breaks down. A spare tire and jack and spark plugs are a clever idea.


Technology helps us stay in touch with loved ones, so make sure you keep your phone charged. Again, the portable generator can help you change your devices while you sleep at night.

adventure essentials

Luxury Road Trip Travel Items

Now that the road trip has all the things a traveler needs to keep them healthy, we can look at some of the less vital things to pack.


There are gadgets aplenty out there, suitable for making life on the road that bit easier than it otherwise is.


Let’s go back to our list again and see what items we could buy to make life on the road easier, even if those items are non-essential.

adventure essentials

Luxury Food and Drink For Your Road Trip

Before you protest that you can’t bring fine dining on the road with you, let’s examine the options for luxuries as you travel.


A typical road trip food list includes nuts, crisps, snacks, fruit, hot drinks, pastries, cakes, salsa and dip, and energy drinks.


However, if you are suitably prepared, you can pack your cooler with BBQ foods and stop by the side of the road to cook it like a cave dweller.


There’s no more authentic smokey flavoring than that! We also recommend frozen slush drinks. They keep your cooler – er – cooler as you travel.

adventure essentials

Clothes and Washing

The luxury road tripper stops at hostels or hotels to wash and clean their clothes. There is always a laundromat if you are willing to look. We recommend an Oodie for all overnight trippers sleeping in passenger seats this year.

adventure essentials

RV Camping

Again, if you want to up your game, switch the tent and car for a rented RV. Drive across the country on someone else’s mileage.


RV motorhomes are the truly high end of camping, road trips, and hitting the road. An RV takes care of your toilet needs too.

adventure essentials

Keeping Tech on the Road

Keeping your tech gear working on the road could save your life. Organize check-in times with those back home so that they know you are safe.


Be sure to take solar charging panels if you cannot take that generator. It is easier to charge devices for a road trip if you have a camper van.


If you are on the road in the car, then be extra vigilant about charging items through your car battery.


Remember, you should have a spare set of spark plugs in your car, should the need arise.

adventure essentials

Road Trip Travel Dream Gadgets

Not everyone can have a luxury road trip, but if you can afford it, here are a few dream gadgets to try out:


Smart luggage – that’s right, now there is luggage that follows you around! There are also pro power banks that work for 18 hours+ to charge your technology. 


To record your experience, try smart glasses. If you tend to get hot easily, try a mini air conditioner for your car!


If you also tend to get bored try a smart tv with options in digital channels. 


Is it still camping if you have a fridge and a portable washing machine? Of course, it is. Gadgets that make camping easier just give us more inspiration to explore.

adventure essentials


To conclude, road trip travel doesn’t have to be overwhelming if you pack some adventure essentials. 


For road trip travel tips, check out our guide on that! You’ll never need anything else. 


So, are you ready to hit the road and go? Pack your bags and don’t forget the basics discussed in this article! We’re going on a road trip! 

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