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Level Up Your Hair Game: Top 15 Summer 2022 Hairstyles

A new year, a new you! Changing your summer hairstyles and attempting something new is one way to refresh your appearance and spirit.


A new cut or style trick does not have to be dramatic, and it does not have to appear that anything has transformed, yet it may suddenly revolutionize you. 


Here are the popular summer hairstyles of 2022, with oodles of inspiration boards.

summer hairstyles

15 Ways to Spruce Up Your Summer Hairstyles

A Well-Structured Haircut

Getting a good haircut at least twice a year to keep your style fresh and presentable is a personal choice. Investing in a haircut rather than just using styling products offers your hair structure and keeps it healthy.


People used to just comb their hair and overlook their haircuts ten years ago. It’s a hairstyle technique that lets you explore a range of looks while still giving your haircut individuality, from embracing your natural curls to air drying your layers.


As a result of the epidemic, clients are now leaving longer gaps between visits, implying that haircuts need to be well-structured to last longer.


Texture and thinly slashed hairstyles have a shorter lifespan than longer-lasting finer haircuts. The theme for this year is healthy hair. No matter which of the summer hairstyles you choose from, healthy hair is of the utmost importance. 

summer hairstyles


The bob, unquestionably the haircut of 2021, is also here to stay for summer hairstyles. The traditional aesthetic has never been in such high demand.


In 2022, the Alexa Chung-style bob will remain popular, but there will be so many other lengths, shapes, volumes, and styling options.


A soft edge at jaw length with a carefree, contemporary flair is the trend for those seeking a change. Otherwise, one may channel the 1970s and cut the length to the shoulder. The bob can be altered with shorter and longer lengths.


George Northwood, a famous hairstylist,  was also influenced by Celine’s spring/summer 2022 show, which included bobs with shorter front and sides, which he says flatters the cheekbones and is a great form for thick hair.


Some people prefer to style their hair with a wave and shattered edges; the result is punky and paradoxical, which feels right at that time.

summer hairstyles

Knotless Box Braids

Knotless box braids can be described as simply box braids completed in a different method than the typical knot connection at the braid’s base.


Knotless braids begin with your natural hair and extend as you braid, unlike traditional box braids, which begin by securely knotting extensions into your hair at the scalp.


Since the braids put less pressure on your hairline and scalp, your hair, particularly your edges, is more protected.


Intricate partings and adornments have long been preferred in African culture. Intricate cornrows and knotless box braids in various widths will be trendy in the new year—they’re everything you want in a haircut.


They’re not only stylish, but they’re also functional and flattering.

summer hairstyles

Glossy Blow-Dries

Hairstyles that appear stylishly undone, low-maintenance, and effortless have been trendy for a while. Who wouldn’t want something like this on their list of summer hairstyles? 


Still, many hairstylists foresee returning to the classic blow-dry and a much more refined approach to the hair, similar to Adele’s gorgeous, full-bodied hair in Vogue.


The rolled brush blow-dry, which we used to think was a touch naff, suddenly feels perfect. This famous ’90s blowout hair feels a little Upper East Side – very polished and elegant. A hair tool is a quick and easy way to get the look at home.


You can use the BaByliss 9000 Cordless Hot Brush to attempt to achieve a voluminous blow-dry appearance at home without using a hairdryer or brush.


It smooths your hair while adding volume and bounce. Meanwhile, if you do not want to go all out, Dyson’s AirWrap is a great option, and the new Flyaway head can help with smoothing out frizz.


This look looks the best on longer hair, although it might seem dated on shorter lengths.

summer hairstyles

Wolf Cuts

This odd mix of the shag and a mullet has gone viral on TikTok, with the hashtag garnering 546 million views and growing.


The truly daring DIY the wolf cut at home, putting their hair into a ponytail and snipping it off on the bias (the wolf cut’s easiness is definitely part of its appeal).


But TikTok influencers are not the only ones who love the trend; even celebrities are joining in. Billie Eilish stunned fans when she unveiled a tousled blonde variation on the wolf cut some months ago, and Miley Cyrus has been sporting the look for at least a year. It seems to be quite a quirky and appealing trend.


While the overall appearance is an acquired taste, if you are a trend follower, there is no reason why you should not give it a try.


Curly hair can look just as good as straight hair (with little styling aid, of course), and there are plenty of varieties.


There are shoulder-grazing variants, lengthier lengths with wispy layers, types with a side-swept bang, and fashions that mix the wolf cut with another popular trend this season: curtain bangs.

summer hairstyles

Blunt Bob 

Next on our list of summer hairstyles is the blunt bob. The look may appear scary and difficult to achieve, but a blunt cut can look great on any hair texture, facial shape, or personal style with the right stylist.


You could get all the volume, form, and texture that layers are known for, whether you go asymmetrical and pin-straight or wavy and messy.


Sleek looks are essential when there are no layers to hide behind, and every flaw is on display. You have to admire the level of discipline required to cut a perfect blunt style from every angle. 


While an asymmetrical bob is unmistakably edgy, it is a terrific way to experiment with length, style, and volume while drawing attention to your face.


A blunt-cut bob can still have layers added to it. You’ll be surprised at how much extra volume you’ll receive from super-subtle components that add contour.


A little asymmetrical, side-swept silhouette is the ideal way to give a sleek and simple blunt bob some edge.

summer hairstyles


Balayage is a highlighting method that does not involve the use of foils. Instead, a professional hair colorist will apply color to your hair by hand, resulting in a more natural, blended, sun-kissed look.


Although it is a softer appearance, it gives your colorist more freedom, which is important when generating blended-drink hues such as brown ale and raspberry bourbon.


It can be gentle and subtle or dramatic and brilliant while also having a versatile flattering appearance.


Balayage is popular with customers and colorists alike because it appears more natural and requires far less care than traditional highlights. 


Balayage takes longer to grow out. A typical highlight customer might need to touch up her regrowth every eight weeks, but you can go up to 12 weeks with balayage.


The trend of peach hair is currently very popular, but stunning swirling ginger is a more natural variation of the look. On the other hand, color swirls are far more subtle than a hard highlight. Balayage is probably the most popular of all our summer hairstyles! 

summer hairstyles

Undercut Pixie

The pixie cut is a popular short hairstyle for all women regardless of different hair types and face shapes. A pixie haircut is ideal if you desire short hair that is easy to manage for a stunning look daily.


There are many various sorts of pixie cuts to consider, with a selection of stylish and low-maintenance designs. There are various low-maintenance and beautiful pixie hairstyles to mimic, whether you desire really short-cropped hair with a textured look or long hair with just an undercut on the sides.  


Trendy cuts enable undercut or tapered sides and longer hair on top, while the classic version is trimmed short everywhere and needs half an inch to two or three inches of length.


Pixie cuts can be softly layered and piled with bangs or choppy and spiky for a striking style. Pixie hairstyles are extremely versatile because the trimmed hair on top can be styled to fit your face and personality.


The cut may meet a wide range of preferences from messy to textured, spiky, fluffy, and flowing styles.

summer hairstyles

Curtain Bangs

For the uninitiated, curtain bangs are those shaggy, loose bangs that, as the name implies, beautifully define your face. Messy waves, curly shags, crisp blowouts, high ponytails, and other forms and textures work well today, which also traces back to the 1960s and 1970s.


Curtain bangs are the gateway to bangs because of their versatility. If preferred, they can be grown out or pinned back, but they can also be trimmed short.


Thanks to its laid-back disposition, the design has gradually become a celebrity and Insta-girl favorite. They would never commit to giving your hair a full-throttle bang.


They are easier to grow out of and take less effort. They offer additional style while lending a little extra charm to a simple hairdo, which is why it’s on our list of top summer hairstyles. 


They also provide the appearance of higher cheekbones since they nestle directly above them. They’re great for “selfie bangs” since they frame your face and draw attention to your eyes, but you can experiment with them however you choose.

summer hairstyles


Next on our list of summer hairstyles is tendrils. You probably remember tendrils from high school in the late 1990s and early 2000s. Specifically, the two thin hairpieces are properly placed to frame your face.


The smooth middle-parted updo with straight front tendrils was a dance performance and wedding favorite at the time, but it’s back now, along with brown lipstick, hairpins, and flipped-out ponytails.


Tendrils create angles with tapering tips, which soften the jawline and draw focus to the eyes.


There are several options for making this work. Your favorite celebs have tried every variation, whether you desire delicate wisps in the front, wavy bits tucked behind the year, or flipped-out baby hairs.


There are several ways to create a tendril look: thick or thin, utterly 90s and sleek straight, or wispy and textured. Tendrils can be used to finish off updos, half updos, and even completely down hairstyles in true 90s style.

summer hairstyles

Money Piece Highlights

Money piece highlights may appear expensive, but this type of summer hair color technique actually delivers a lot of bang for your buck and can be a great way to brighten and dazzle your face on a budget.


People who like a stress-free salon experience will appreciate how this technique strategically colors the strands closest to their face.


Money pieces go with all hair colors and styles, from soft waves to braids, with the exception of close trimmed or pixie cuts. This is a trend that originated in the 90s and is back on trend for our summer hairstyles! 


If you want to be more daring with your money pieces, you can think of pink or blue strands beside your natural color.


Many people prefer a more subdued form of this trend, in which you stick to tones that are closer to your natural skin tone.


Some folks prefer to appear natural. Certain people dislike big chunky highlights. They want a gentler appearance, such as a soft-money piece around the face.

summer hairstyles

Hair Contouring

You could still frame your face with a fashionable coloring method called hair contouring if you might not want to go all out and commit to a layered appearance or a blunt, mid-length bob.


Hair contouring uses deliberately placed highlights and lowlights to offer your face a golden glow and a more sculptural look, the same as how you would use a contour stick and highlighter to sharpen your cheekbones and jawline.


This treatment can provide a range of appearances and hues. Still, the best part is that, similar to contouring with cosmetics, you can really give the illusion of a broader or longer face by strategically placing tones. 


Hair color and contouring are determined by the person’s face shape, skin tones, hair structure, and the style they want. This is certainly an elegant option for our summer hairstyles. 


It is crucial to discuss your preferences with your stylist before deciding how to apply to contour. Some people use very fine, multi-tonal highlights and lowlights so that when their roots start to grow out, they fit right in.

hairstyles 2

Sleek and Glassy Styles

You’ve probably heard of the glassy skin fad, which began in K-drama and referred to the skin so smooth and free of pores that it looks to be reflected. This is definitely a must on our list of summer hairstyles in 2022. 


It will have the same brilliant, almost wet-looking sheen if your hair is tied up in a ponytail or bun or left down, pin-straight and sleek. It is just such a timeless and romantic appearance that’s really trendy. 


This style is ideal for most hair types, but with the right product, more textured strands can attain a sleek crown. If your ends aren’t thick enough, you can fill them with volume using clip-in extensions.


With a flat iron and some shine spray, you can complete the look.

summer hairstyles

Y2K Accessories

Hair accessories from the 2000s are back and better than ever. They can truly spice up all of these summer hairstyles!


A few examples include jumbo claw clips, enormous satin scrunchies, and fuzzy bucket hats. Whether you’re wearing a soft bun or a ponytail, it’s easy to jazz up your hairdo with these vintage Y2K accessories.


They’re also very simple to use and ideal for a refreshing second or third-day hair, especially if you’re trying to cover greasy roots or a slew of flyaways or frizz.


The bucket hat is a one-and-done stylistic answer that may help you look suave even without trying when you have to get out the door quickly. You need not worry if your hair is too short for claws and scrunchies.


You can use a stack of butterfly clips from the late 1990s and early 2000s. Whatever you select, these Y2K accessories are all compact, easy to carry in a bag, and may even be worn without using a mirror.

summer hairstyles

Embracing Your Natural Roots

Going right back to your natural roots and letting your natural hair color shine through may be the biggest of all summer hairstyles for 2022.


It is universally flattering and super-easy to maintain by simply going to your colorist and having a gloss applied. This is naturally suitable for all hair types. 

summer hairstyles


Several of the industry’s best hairstylists have given their projections for next season’s haircut trends, and these summer hairstyles are even more selfie-worthy than last year’s.


From red color and Y2K accessories to the soft-layered butterfly haircut and endless variations on the ’70s, shag appears to be high on the agenda.


As spring brings new beginnings, it also brings a slew of exciting new haircut trends. This time, it’s all about ’90s-style layering, air-dried texture, and plenty of fringes.


Whatever style you want to go for, check with a professional for better results. The best hair stylists in Houston can help you furthermore in this transition.


We hope you enjoyed our list of summer hairstyles and found one that you’re interested in trying out! If you’re looking for vacation styles for your hair, we have a guide on that as well!

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