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7 Unique Travel Locations That Get The Whole Family Involved

Have you been looking for interesting destinations for family travel this year? No worries, we’ve got you covered! 


A multi-generational family vacation is ideal for combining a holiday in a new destination and spending quality time with relatives. Check out our unique travel options that will entice your entire family to get together for family travel! 

family travel

Unique Places For Family Travel  


First on our list of unique places for family travel is cruising. Arranging a holiday itinerary for the whole family can be challenging with different ages, family sizes, and special dietary and activity requests.


If you are looking for an easy get-together option for the entire family that requires little to no planning, we highly recommend a cruise vacation. This will help encourage family travel in a fun and easy way! 


Larger cruise lines such as Royal Caribbean or Carnival can offer discounted group rates. Moreover, each family can easily book directly to ensure they get the room type and program of their choice.


There is no need to do everything together while on a cruise; however, we recommend enquiring with the cruise director to plan special group meals and shore excursion options.

family travel


An African safari is on most people’s travel bucket list. There is nothing as awe-inspiring as leisurely gazing upon elephants drinking and splashing in a watering hole.


In addition, the look of wonder in a child’s eyes the first time they see characters from the Lion King in living color is a sight every parent and grandparent will cherish.


While some safari camps have a minimum age restriction, others offer dedicated programs for younger safari-goers. Destinations such as Chobe National Park in Botswana offer the perfect balance of time spent in safari vehicles and game viewing from boats.


Elephant Valley Safari Lodge has its own illuminated watering hole, and elephants have even been known to sneak a drink from the swimming pool. This can be a thrilling and educational vacation for family travel. 

family travel

Holidays and Celebrations

From milestone birthdays to succos programs to a baby’s first Christmas, getting the family together for holidays and celebrations should always be a priority. This is next up on our list of family travel ideas. 


Look for tour operators specializing in devising trips for multi-generational travel or specific demographics.


Some operators are experts in tailoring trips for specific dietary restrictions or differently-abled individuals and will know which hotels and tours will make everyone most comfortable.


Finally, remember that family traditions can travel with you, so bring a memento of home to elevate the festivities. Family travel can certainly make lasting memories! 

family travel


Have you ever considered a staycation with the entire family? This option is exceptionally apt if an older family member has stories to tell of their time growing up when the area looked vastly different.


This is a newer way to do family travel, but it’s just as exhilarating. 


Renting an entire house or a guesthouse in its entirety for a few days means that no one needs to be obliged to host. You can then hire a local tour operator to arrange excursions so that you can sit back and view your city from a tourist’s perspective.


Everyone is likely to learn a thing or two and find a newfound love for their hometown.

family travel

Visit a Waterpark

In case of hot weather, you can also take your family to visit a local waterpark for family travel.


Not only does it offer a swimming pool, but it also features loads of attractions for everyone to enjoy. Spend the weekend trying out the rides with the kids and playing games like water tag.


There are also areas where you can get a tan. Most water parks have a lazy river where you can float as the current brings you to the other end.


The water is shallow, and you are often provided with swim rings, so you can stay there as long as you like.


In case you are hungry, a water park offers concessionary stands and food stalls where you can satisfy your cravings. Whether it’s a full-on meal or simple snacks you can munch while you lie near a pool, you can buy your favorite food.


Going to a water park could be more enjoyable than taking the family on a beach outing. You just need to pick the best water park if you are traveling out of state.


If you are traveling to Texas, be sure to check out the Splashway Water Park in Sheridan or the NRH2O Family Water Park in North Richland Hills. On the west coast, visit attractions like the Great Wolf Lodge Garden Cove and Six Flags Hurricane Harbor in Concord.


No matter what you choose for family travel, spending time at a water park while traveling can help you build stronger bonds as you cool down.

family travel

A Ski Trip

If you feel the need to go somewhere that’s cold, consider taking your family on a ski trip within or outside the country.


It’s another way to escape high temperatures during the summer and spring. You also get to try new activities that are also great for kids and elders.


The best thing about going on a ski trip is the sights and serenity you will get if you book a stay at a mountain resort. You are offered breathtaking views of the surrounding landscape.


You also get to try on a pair of skis and learn how to glide on the snow. It takes time, but once you have gotten the hang of it, you will realize how exhilarating the activity can be.


A ski trip also offers numerous opportunities for intimate family gatherings. Consider renting out a cabin or lodge where everyone can cozy up around the fireplace while drinking coffee or hot chocolate.


Despite the sub-freezing temperatures, you can still experience heartwarming moments with your loved ones. This is ideal for family travel! 


If you’re looking for a great place for a ski trip, you might want to check out Aspen, Colorado, or Lake Tahoe.


If you want the trip to take place in Europe, spend a night or two at Zermatt in Switzerland or Cortina d’Ampezzo in Italy. Although staying in these places will cost you a fortune, they offer more than just ski lessons and complimentary beverages.

family travel

Island Hopping

If no one in your family is a fan of cold weather, you might want to take them out on an island-hopping trip in tropical places. This will satisfy the beach bum in your family for family travel ideas! 


The weather is warmer and you get to go swimming and do other water-based activities. Apart from that, you also get to enjoy serene tropical views along with the refreshing ocean air.


There are lots of destinations to pick for an island-hopping adventure, but Hawaii tops everyone’s list. The state offers great surfing and diving spots, but you can also treat your family to a sightseeing adventure.


Book a boat tour in Waikiki where you can take a peek at the island group’s volcanic attractions from a safe distance. You can also go on a whale-watching tour where everyone in the family can see these beautiful creatures up close.


Aside from Hawaii, there are also other destinations you can check out if you are planning an island-hopping adventure for the whole family.


If you have room in your budget, you can take the family on a trip to the Bahamas where crystal clear waters and white sand beaches. The country is also known for its countless islets and sandbars. If you want to make the most of your visit, book a private tour starting in the Abacos Islands.

family travel


Prioritizing time with loved ones is essential in our fast-paced lives. Children grow in the blink of an eye, and elderly family members need more than a few social media photos to build a relationship.


Family travel is so important for creating lasting memories that will carry on for a lifetime. 

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