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Become a Better Gamer and Level Up in 4 Easy Steps!

Most of us have played games and looked up gaming tips at some point. Whether that’s been on gaming consoles like Playstations or computer systems, most people can safely say that they’ve tried to play a game before. In fact, recent research found that almost every adult has tried at least once. 


Even if we’re not spending hours on our PlayStation each night, having a smartphone gives us access to more games than we could ever possibly hope to play in our lifetimes. However, it is also true that with the influx in games comes the question: how do I get better at them? 


For these casual and beginner gamers, it can be a little overwhelming when you start playing a new title as there is often a lot to learn in a short space of time. This is especially true when you’re playing online against opponents who are much more experienced than you. 


Don’t let that get you down! There are plenty of resources and gaming tips available to help you become a better gamer. We’ve compiled 4 of the best gaming tips to help you stay at the top of your game! Here’s what you can do to level up your personal XP. 

gaming tips, gamer, playstation, xbox, gaming

The Ultimate Guide For Beginner Gaming Tips 

 Build Up Your Theoretical Understanding

First up on our list of gaming tips is building up your understanding of the game. Have you ever booted up a game and had no idea where the controls were, or what the objective of the game is? Maybe you only bought it because a friend recommended it or because it had a cool cover. 


In most countries around the world, when you learn to drive, you need to pass a theoretical exam before you’re even allowed to get behind the wheel. While you don’t need to get a “gamers license”, it can still serve you well to have a better understanding of the theoretical elements of a game before you jump right in. 


In years gone by, publishers would include paper manuals for their games that would explain the controls, your main objectives, and other useful information. If you wanted to go further, you could buy a strategy guide, a book packed with hints and tips to help you navigate the game. 


For example, players of Grand Theft Auto titles received a manual and a fold-out paper map in the case and could also purchase the Bradygames Strategy Guide that included an explanation of each vehicle, weapon, and region on the map, the location of Easter eggs, and a walkthrough for each mission, side mission, and odd-job. 


However, in this day and age, the best gaming tips can be found online. We suppose that’s why you’ve stumbled upon this article! Remember to always use the resources available to you- you can certainly go and buy a strategy guide, but you have options if you want to become a better gamer! 


Today, much of this information can be found online for free, making it much easier and cheaper to find the material you need to brush up on the theoretical side of gaming. You don’t even have to leave your house if you don’t want to! 


For example, those looking to play online slots can find guides that list simple strategies to get the most from the experience, such as trying out free games first and comparing RTP rates when deciding which ones to play. 


Similarly, players of the Call of Duty franchise have countless resources and gaming tips that can help you to improve the playing experience of each title and become better at it. In the case of CoD: Mobile, this includes things like keeping enough storage space free and how to find the best control system for you.

gaming tips, gamer, playstation, xbox, gaming Learn From Others, Then Share the Knowledge

Next up on our guide of gaming tips is to learn and share. Reading isn’t the only way to build a better understanding of a game and how to play it. You can also expand your knowledge by watching more experienced players so you can try to replicate their techniques later. 


In the past, this was quite difficult, unless you had some skilled gamers as friends, but with the advent of live-streaming on platforms like Twitch, it’s much easier than it used to be! You can also watch tutorials on sites like YouTube if you get stuck somewhere. 


On these platforms, you’ll find esports athletes, professional gamers, and talented amateurs all broadcasting their gaming sessions, with just about every possible title covered, including AAA blockbusters, mobile titles, and board games.


Once you’re done learning all the gaming tips you can from others it’s time to teach! We often learn more by teaching and sharing knowledge.


That’s because teaching requires active thought and explaining to make something make sense. Later in your own gameplay, it’s much easier to remember and actively apply what you taught others.


Whether you’re learning from others or passing the buck, this is definitely one of our most recommended of all gaming tips. 

gaming tips, gamer, playstation, xbox, gaming

Practice Makes Perfect 

Once you’ve done the research and now have your metaphorical “proficient gamers license”, it’s time to take your newfound knowledge for a drive. There’s no substitute for practice if you’d like to become a better gamer, so you should dedicate plenty of time to it. 


This is one of the best gaming tips because even if you know everything about a game, you still need to apply that knowledge! 


Just playing will be enough to help you improve, but you can get the most from your time by trying to implement the theories you learned in step one and the techniques you observed in our second gaming tip.


After reading these gaming tips, you’ll likely have to experiment with different options as some will suit your playing style and some won’t, but it’s good to have knowledge of them all as it’ll help you in trying to counter opponents that implement them. 

gaming tips, gamer, playstation, xbox, gaming

Experiment with Different Games

 Last up on our list of gaming tips is experimenting with different games. Everyone has a favorite genre, but every once in a while, it’s a good exercise to switch things up.


If you’re into RPGs, for example, playing puzzle games forces you to think in a different way. By varying your gameplay, you become a stronger, more dynamic player because you’re not playing in a way that is expected. You’ll be able to apply these gaming tips to a wider variety of games!


Besides the literal aspect of learning different ways of thinking and playing, experimenting with different video games gives gamers a break from their challenges in whatever game they’re playing through.


Many gamers have claimed after playing a game with fresh eyes and a multi-faceted perspective, they played the game in a much more fun and intuitive way.

gaming tips, gamer, playstation, xbox, gaming

 To Conclude

We hope that you found this list of gaming tips helpful! If you do your research on the games, dedicate the time to practicing, and look for outside inspiration through friends and streamers,  you’ll be sure to level up in no time! In this day and age, there are so many new games coming out.


With so many new games, it’s important to have a little bit of background knowledge on how to be a better gamer! With these gaming tips, you will not only surprise yourself but the other players as well! 

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