Zombie experience, zombie obsessed

Not everyone will be on board for a zombie experience but fans of horror themes and macabre history have likely built out more than a handful of far-fetched travel dreams. And a zombie obsessed trip isn’t as far out of the question as many would think.


Surprisingly, there are all kinds of things to do to quench the thirst of those seeking a zombie experience. From zombie walks to an all out zombie apocalypse survival camp, you would be amazed at all the ways zombie obsessed travelers are scratching the itch to be near the undead.


Read on for our list of places where you can get a zombie experience to add to your travel itinerary. And who knows, you may end up packing your bags for a zombie apocalypse. Zombie costume and all!


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Zombie Experience Ideas for Travelers

The Origins of the ‘Zombie’


The mythological, reanimated corpse, which has its origins in Haiti, has a few characteristic traits. They tend to be associated with the apocalypse, as well as an off-kilter gait that results in a slow, tedious walk.


Whether created by dark magic or a worldwide pathogen, the zombie has become an embedded part of storytelling.


In fact, the zombie is such a recognizable facet of pop culture that mentions can be found almost anywhere. For example, gamers who play slots online have no shortage of options when it comes to choosing a title and theme—zombies included.


AMC partnered with gaming company PlayTech to create a Walking Dead slot, which includes settings, characters, and storylines from the actual series.


There’s even a zombie-themed donut shop in Athens, Georgia, which designs zombie-themed treats for all occasions—as well as a zombie burger joint in Des Moines, Iowa, and a zombie gourmet hot dog food truck in Dayton, Ohio.


Back in 2012, two young neuroscientists went farther than any other zombie fans when they studied how a theoretical zombie brain might function; their work was considered ground-breaking enough to earn them an appearance at Comic-Con International.


It’s even been cited by publications like Forbes and New York Magazine.


Clearly, zombie references run the gambit. But which attractions are actually worth a visit? Keep reading for the top zombie destinations around the world, broken down by history and modern culture.


The Modern Zombie Zeitgeist


Are you a fan of The Walking Dead or Night of the Living Dead? Have you Googled ‘Zombie walk’ multiple times? If that’s the case, then there’s a zombie experience or location on this list that’s just for you.


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Zombie Survival Camp, Portland, USA


In this zombie experience, travelers get equipped to become certified Zombie Rangers. A series of activities are arranged to stage an undead invasion, in which zombie obsessed guests will have to fight off (stunt) zombies.


Visitors will learn the basics of archery, stealth, and wilderness survival just like Daryl Dixon or Michonne.


Zombie experience, zombie obsessed


Maul of Fame, Pittsburgh, USA


Just outside of Pittsburgh sits the Monroeville Mall. At first glance, it might not look like anything but a suburban strip mall.


However, it’s the location where Dawn of the Dead was filmed back in 1978. It’s also where the zombie-obsessed chose to build their US mecca, the Zombie Museum.


If you’re going to be in Pittsburgh then this is the zombie experience for you!


Zombie experience, zombie obsessed


Zombie Week, Stockholm, Sweden


With regard to the zombie experience, most are organized around Halloween given the association with the undead. However, summer travelers might want to schedule a stopover in Stockholm for its annual zombie walk.


The event includes a zombie costume contest (zombies only, pets included), as well as a pitch workshop for authors who are looking to pen the next zombie movie or book.


Fans of Ancient Origins


Are you interested in the cultural roots of the concept of a zombie, without actually wanting to come into contact with an actor playing an undead spirit? Don’t worry, these historical locations and museums get to the root of zombie origins and their historical context.


Zombie experience, zombie obsessed
By Davide Mauro – Own work, CC BY-SA 4.0


Regional Archaeological Museum of Kamarina, Sicily


Archaeologists recently uncovered evidence that supports the idea of ancient zombies. This former Greek colony is home to two graves that were laden with heavy stones, which experts now believe were placed to prevent the dead from rising.


That’s right; humans have been zombie obsessed for thousands of years. If you’re looking for a zombie experience at the National Geographic level, this is it.


voodoo, Zombie experience, zombie obsessed
Photo CCL Thomas Quine


Haitian Heritage Museum, Miami, USA


The origins of the zombie lie in Haiti—so why not head to Haiti instead of Florida? Southern Florida is home to thousands of Haitian immigrants from a range of generations; many have worked with museums to preserve and celebrate the lesser-known aspects of the Caribbean nation’s culture, zombies included.


The Haitian Heritage Museum is a place where visitors from beyond the community can explore beautiful Haitian art, historic artifacts, ethnic sounds of Haitian music, view Haitian films and enjoy a collection of Haitian literary works.


Zombie Apocalypse UK
Photo by Scott Malthouse


Zed Events Zombie Apocalypse, Warrington, UK


For years now, Zed Events has been hosting a reenacted zombie apocalypse for those who want to spend a day (or a weekend) of survival of the fittest, zombie experience style.


Complete with weapon training and combat tactics, you can get all of your zombie obsessed adventure desires met with this one-of-a-kind zombie experience.


In Closing


If you’re zombie obsessed and you’re looking for an adventure then surely there’s a zombie experience for you. Whether it’s a zombie 5k or a full on survival experience, or even if you just want to nerd out to the origins of this timeless pop culture fascination, zombie-themed adventures and heritage exhibitions are popping up all over the globe. So pack your costume and adventure on!

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