Why Are So Many People Gaming While Traveling?

There are few things we all love more than a holiday. A chance to relax, have fun and escape the monotony of everyday life. It also means more downtime. But why are so many people gaming while traveling?


The modern traveler has a number of options available to them, with long train journeys, ferries, and flights cheaper than ever. This means a lot more people traveling, and with this transitional downtime, it seems more and more people are gaming while traveling.


Gaming While Traveling


As countries try to encourage tourism, many flights exist at much cheaper rates than previously thought possible. Budget airlines have made the cost of traveling a lot more affordable for families everywhere.


With hours and hours of mind-numbing waiting an inevitable part of traveling, finding something to do is a priority. While bookworms might look between the pages for entertainment, gaming while traveling is a very popular alternative to help satiate that boredom.


Furthermore, traveling can be an anxiety-inducing affair for many people to which gaming can be a calming solution.


We all know how we like to arrive at the airport unnecessarily early. While it may seem a good idea at first, it involves a whole lot of waiting. Thus, gaming while traveling has become an increasingly popular way to pass the time.


Casino games offer a great chance to casually pass the time playing something that isn’t too mentally demanding or stressful.


Many of the apps that accommodate casino gaming also accommodate many others such as slots or bingo, so it never gets old. Alternatively, such games are just an internet search away, with it never being easier to play online casinos.


Popular Gaming Choices

Nintendo Switch and Nintendo 3DS are the most common portable gaming devices, sporting a vast library of unique games. Iconic titles such as Mario and Pokémon are particularly friendly to travelers as they’re easy to get lost in.


With a dedicated store implemented in many systems, almost any game can be bought at the click of a button. As a result, you can buy and download your games without even visiting a shop.


Although more modern and software demanding games can be played on a Switch, both systems support iconic titles. Pokémon and Super Mario are just a couple of notorious time killers that are bound to make time fly.


Alternatively, laptops can provide a bigger screen. Gaming laptops are popular for avid gamers seeking a more technical gaming experience but require a mouse and plenty of space.


Tablets are also a choice if you’re after a bigger screen that isn’t as cumbersome as a laptop. While they generally have a better capacity for games than smartphones, they will usually both be able to play the same games.


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Your Phone is All You Need

Passing the downtime and gaming while traveling isn’t limited to playing on fancy gaming devices worth hundreds of dollars. The modern smartphone can provide more than enough to satisfy your gaming needs.


Despite the vast array of gaming devices that exist, many people are sticking with mobile phones.


As traveling can be a stop-start affair, casino gaming is ideal as it can be picked up and put down in an instant. It’s advisable to select games that aren’t too narrative-driven otherwise frequent stops may eliminate immersion and spoil the experience.


Casino games may not drain your phone’s battery life as much as many gaming alternatives that may be more demanding. Many airports and train services offer free Wi-Fi services meaning such games can be enjoyed with little data expenditure.


Casino games also use relatively little internet when being used. With sufficient 4G data, casino gaming can be enjoyed nonstop without having to worry about it being used entirely.


While specialized gaming consoles and their respective chargers take up extra space, casino games played on the mobile won’t.


Playing the same game repeatedly can be just as boring as playing nothing at all. The variety offered by many casino apps means that there will always be something fresh to prevent games from becoming boring.


Roulette, blackjack, bingo, and slots are some of the most common games played on such apps.


Furthermore, many such apps include chat rooms meaning that playing them can be a social experience too. If you’re someone who likes the social aspect of gaming, casino games use significantly less data than many multiplayer games.


Tips for Gaming While Traveling

Headphones are recommended to help complete the gaming experience and lessen the distractions you’ll inevitably face from all around.


Don’t forget your charger! Battery packs may also be useful for places where a power outlet isn’t accessible.


If traveling by plane, download games that are playable without an internet connection and therefore playable in airplane mode. Download a variety of games if possible to ensure you don’t get bored of playing the same one repeatedly.

In Conclusion

Holiday’s present an infrequent opportunity to experience new surroundings and have fun away from the monotony of everyday life. The prospect of an exciting holiday looming can help numb the tediousness of traveling somewhat, but not entirely.


Long waits at airports followed by long flights, boring car journeys, or dull boat rides are all consequences of traveling. As a result, it’s important to ensure you don’t get bored by having plenty of games ready to distract you.


Especially if you’re traveling alone, gaming while traveling can literally be your best friend. So hop on and watch the time fly.

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