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Invest in sports for extra income has become one of the most common ways of making money lately, which should come as no surprise given that sporting events are the No.1 form of entertainment on a worldwide scale.


The world of sports is attractive on so many levels as literally hundreds of sports one can be interested in.


Given how big sports have been for as long as we can remember, it’s hard to imagine sports getting any more popular, but that is far from the case as many disciplines bring in new fans every year.


Apart from being one of the few things that bring people of all races or religions together, the popularity of sports has increased due to its potential for making people money.


Investing in sports and gambling are very different things, but you can also make a fortune betting on some of the biggest sports in the world if you do it right.


With avenues such as Oddstrader providing one of the best sports betting apps available, betting online can be done easily in just a few steps.


While both are excellent ways of making money, this guide focuses on sports investing specifically.


Investing in the sports industry requires as much strategy as gambling, but we can start you off on what could be an exciting journey with the tips found right below.


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Invest In Sports for Extra Income

Determine The Type Of Investor You Want To Be


People invest in sports for extra income for different reasons, so would-be sports investors should have a clear idea of why they want to get into the space before taking the necessary steps.


Some people prefer to stick to momentum investing, while others take a contrarian approach. You need to know the category you’d want to fall into beforehand.


Momentum investing involves trends. Investments would depend on what is happening at the moment, not what happened before or what might happen next.


Everything is contingent on how a sport, sports team, or individual is doing at the pertinent moment.


With contrarian investing, investors would make moves contrary to current trends; such moves include investing in underdog teams to make money in the long run.


Of course, this is riskier than momentum investing, so it is less popular.


Another investing, called sharp investing, sees folks investing in top-name players who are believed to have lots of potential for profit.


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Select The Right Investment


Invest in sports for extra income but make sure you choose the right sports for you. In other words, don’t feel as if you need to invest in all of them.


Association soccer, basketball, baseball, football, and ice hockey are some of the more popular sports in the investing space and, while you can have a stake in all of the above, all of them aren’t for everyone.


You also don’t have to target actual sports or leagues as there’s plenty more to pay attention to, such as player apparel and various sports brands. If you’re a fan of a certain sport, then that’s probably your best bet.


Pick one or two sports you actually have an interest in. It helps to have prior knowledge of the sports niches you’re looking to get into.


You will have to put in a lot more research when money is about to get involved, as you absolutely need to consider all of the risks involved. You should also be familiar with the calendars for the sports you want to invest in.


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Consider the Risks


It’s easy to find yourself focusing on the potential returns and not the risks when investing in anything, but that’s entirely the wrong approach. It would help if you always balanced the focus.


All investments carry risk, and all of them bear the possibility of going bust, which is why you should never put more money than you’re willing to lose into anything.


Of course, the more risk there is, the more return potential, but you should always take steps to minimize risk as no team is unbeatable and no one stays at the top forever.


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Consider the Stats


This should go without saying, but it should not be understated. Statistics are vital.


Studying the stats arms investors and potential investors with the ability to make moves that enhance their prospects of making satisfactory returns.


Statistics highlight the performance of an individual, club, or league over the years, and having higher-than-average knowledge is crucial as it often means the difference between making and losing money.


Most of the resources providing stats are free to use online.


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Make Use Of Data Tracking


This tip is tied to the one above. Given that sports stats are being released ever so often, keeping track of them on one’s own is quite difficult. An external data tracking tool could come in pretty handy.


Such a platform will enable you to keep track of the performances of various leagues, teams, and players and how much money they’ve made over a certain period of time.


They also help keep you informed about how your investment is going so you can keep planning and strategizing for improvements.


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